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Wow, how the garden has grown and produced! Green beans, huge tomatoes, cantaloupe, onions, blackberries, cucumbers, zucchini, hot peppers and bell peppers. … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsMittleider Garden Update: June 18, 2013How to Grow a Vegetable Garden at Home HARVEST June 14th Update container gardeningJune 12th Container GARDEN UPDATE walkthru tour Organic Vegetable Gardening how to plantGarden Tower Time Lapse Spring 2013 Weekly UpdateContainer Garden Harvest Update June 6th Lettuce Tomato Kale Vegetable Gardening Raised BedResult of “Pigs in the Garden” Update June 5,2016 | Homestead Kids

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  • Billdo O'Reilly 5 years ago

    The Cherokee Purple’s are the best tasting tomato I’ve found but a bit more
    particular it seems, so far mine are looking awesome. I’ve got several
    large tomatoes like that on my plants that will hopefully be ripening soon.
    Last year I had trouble with my Cherokee Purple’s towards the middle/end of
    the season. I also grow Mortgage Lifters, the most productive tomato I’ve
    found and a nice heirloom tomato. This year I’m also growing some Black
    Krim tomatoes and those plants are super bushy with numerous giant tomatoes
    on them. They might end up being heavier producers than the Mortgage
    Lifters. I don’t use any special methods or techniques or do any type of
    pest control. What I did this year (new spot) was dig holes in the lawn for
    each plant a foot or two wide about 4ft apart. Then around them I put down
    a layer of cardboard with some sticks and rocks to hold it down and then a
    layer of straw over the cardboard. I mixed some pelletized lime into the
    soil when I dug the holes and have since sprinkled more around the base of
    the plants. Other than that I give them a little compost tea once in awhile
    and they seem to be doing awesome. They’re all staked up and overgrowing
    the stakes at around 6ft tall for most of them and loaded down with
    tomatoes. I stake them up but I don’t prune much so they turn into a big
    bush. ?

  • LibellulaGlass 5 years ago

    Looks wonderful. You are way ahead of us in the French Pyrenees. My beans
    are only just peeping up out of the ground. I just put up my first YouTube
    video too.?

  • dd king 5 years ago

    those bell peppers looked great! I have such a hard time getting them to
    shape right love the vid!?

  • davou grant 5 years ago

    U have come to jamaica already are not?

  • Anand Parakkal 5 years ago

    Try using tricocards which contains small wasps like bugs which eat other
    bugs eggs and thus their population thriving while bad bug colony and
    settlers going down.
    trichogramma spp-a. Google it to know more?

  • Brin Neville 5 years ago

    LDS, have you seen Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death by Dr Greger

  • 72fr250 5 years ago

    I want to see what the heck you’re going to do with all this food! And it’s
    still producing like mad! I wanted to get my mother on this method, but I
    don’t think she can keep up with the productivity by her self

  • datoken 5 years ago

    When my garden grows up, I hope it looks just like yours.. but it has a
    long long long way to go..

  • Midwest Gradening 5 years ago

    ill sub….you make your own soil or buy it?

  • Joel Marshall 5 years ago

    Wow! Beautiful garden.

  • danieeve76 5 years ago

    Your garden is huge and amazing!

  • mamasaid prepper 5 years ago

    Garden is beautiful! What cruise line did you use for your Alaska trip?

  • rhooie 5 years ago

    How would someone control the heat? I live in central Florida.

  • Peter Menningen 5 years ago

    I hope your freinds recieved a fair share of the crop for the vacation time
    period. With a bounty like that now is the time to share extras with your
    groups so that if and when you have a bad year they will share back with
    you. You only recieve as you sow. Support your freinds and family and theyy
    will be there when you need them.

  • Eric William 5 years ago

    Holy smokes thats a productive garden! Congrats! Cheers

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I’m glad to hear the Mittleider method is working so well for you too. It
    is simple and simply amazing. My wife feeds the grapes. I think she feeds
    them 2 teaspoons a week of Mittleider weekly feed. I’ll double check with
    her tomorrow. She is asleep right now.

  • All of his sources are listed at the top. The Mittleider Gardening Course
    growfood . com

  • electricfemale 5 years ago

    This is a fantastic garden, yummy and beautiful!

  • Sauciflash 5 years ago

    Dude, I got my first strawberry today, and that’s it! Nothing else is fully
    grown yet…

  • Maranatha Homestead 5 years ago

    Thanks for your videos! In regards to prepping/sustainability aspect, how
    long do natural mineral fertilizers typically last before you need to add
    more? What if you were gardening/living or in a situation where it could
    not be obtained, is there a way to make fertilizers from on-site animals
    such as goat/cattle, to continue production? Thank you.

  • 1994abbygirl 5 years ago

    Do you feed your grapevines and if so how much?? Everything looks
    wonderful.. I am very pleased with the Mettlieder Method.. never before
    have I had such healthy looking plants!

  • jaycee157 5 years ago

    Great post. Very encouraging for those who have a garden like yours

  • Charm City Balcony Garden 5 years ago

    Very nice garden! Your friends did a very good job looking after it.

  • Lulu4Him 5 years ago

    Oh, one more thing. Tomatoes should never be put in the frig. It turns them
    to a mushy liquid. My Chef taught me that many years ago. They’ll also last
    much longer left out on the counter.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    You will. I harvested today and videoed it.