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Installing trellis for peas, cucumbers and butternut squash. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts02 Grow Potatoes in Wire Fence Planters Growing Winter Squash Vertically on a Nylon String Trellis along the Backyark FenceHog Panels Make the Best Trellis for Growing Vertical in a Raised Bed GardenGrow a Vertical Vegetable Garden in a Small Space with Hog Wire FencingEasy, Quick, DIY Garden Trellis. Step by step directions.Green Roof Garden with Carpet Grass & Stainless Steel Wire

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  • rashidcmu 9 months ago

    Excellent video thank you for posting.

  • gellen hart 9 months ago

    if you have a short tpost fence around your garden you can raise the
    height up with the tpost fence extenders I used them to keep the deer
    out of my garden.The deer now cant jump over my garden fence yeah, I
    found them at

  • Jim Marcum 9 months ago

    hey paisteboy, what it be like mo fo.  I bet you have tried a few cucumbers.

  • yieldhog 9 months ago

    How to afix the welded wire fence to the post?

  • Harmony Hill Homestead 9 months ago

    Got to love t-posts, as they can always be moved.

  • Jan Bowden 9 months ago

    Thank you!  I'm going to use that wire for my tomatoes…I was nervous to get started!  

  • thetruth 9 months ago

    nice where can I get the fence ?/

  • todd germaine 9 months ago

    great video, thank you i was having issues installing the fence,,,  so fricken simple…. you are the man 

  • LaoSoftware 9 months ago

    This is awesome. I hope this keeps out the neighbor dogs and cats. They keep shitting in my yard and vegetable garden. It's disgusting.

  • paisteboy 9 months ago

    Thanks for watching and commenting.

  • paisteboy 9 months ago

    My Butternut squash didn't do too well that year, but I grew cucuzza squash and it worked well for that.

  • free2bme77 9 months ago

    How did this work for the squash? I was thinking about doing the same thing but I was afraid it wouldn't be high enough where the vines can trail out 15 feet.

  • Teddybear500 9 months ago

    Looks good!!!

  • paisteboy 9 months ago

    I plan on doing some dirtbike and mini bike videos soon since it's the season and I will get to the snowmobile video as the season approaches. Thanks for subscribing.

  • TOPROLLER101 9 months ago

    good work ..

  • paisteboy 9 months ago

    personal message through youtube. Go to your channel and select compose.

  • domantor11 9 months ago

    What's that

  • paisteboy 9 months ago

    just send me a PM

  • domantor11 9 months ago

    I can use some advise can you message me your email