Garden transformation and revealing the UK: Top garden design techniques for small gardens

Garden Ninja Lee Burkhill showed a garden transformation display full of top skills. If you have a small garden that needs to be remodeled, then this guide will show you how to create a great garden space. Let Lee from BBC1’s “Garden Rescue” show you how to do it! Do you need help with your garden? Why not book a one-on-one online consultation with Garden Ninja? #gardentips #gardendesign #gardening #kitchengarden #gardenanswer #japan Want to learn about the tips and tricks I use in my garden? Then watch this guide and subscribe to my Youtube channel to get more garden design tips, tricks and tricks! Why not visit my blog for hundreds of gardening guides? is provided by Garden Ninja, Manchesters garden designer and blogger Lee Burkhill. He is the RHS Award-winning Chelsea Garden Designer and the host of the BBC Garden Rescue show. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:.


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  • mac red

    Did you pave over the manhole cover?.If so, then that was not very bright…unless you did so that it was accessible. Is it still easily accessible….could not see.

  • Barrios Groupie

    Looks great, but I think a main weakness I've seen in all UK garden designs on Youtube so far is them not working with the UK's rainy weather during the late spring, summer, early autumn especially: something like your 'snug' but enclosed in a small glass/plastic housing? Or a small open hut with a fire bowl? On the other hand, there are more flexible options such as using an outdoor umbrella and portable fire bowl.

  • Karen Ireland

    Lovely design, the gravel path that curves through the lawn-can i ask what you used to stop the gravel moving onto the grass? Many thanks

  • Beasts

    Loving your clips Lee. Would be good to see more stuff on wildflowers in gardens or creating wildlife corridors.

    Keep up the amazing work and hope your TV deal goes extremely well!

  • Candace McGuire

    What a great design. I love the path dividing the lawn.
    (I find it so hard to leave the gaps for the eventual mature size of plants. I'm practicing restraint by infilling with annuals.)

  • Terry Coles

    Good evening lee, Absolutely superb!! Once everything marries together it will look beautiful, cant wait until your able to revisit once it begins to wakeup. Best wishes, Terry.

  • The Lost One

    Looks amazing! Great design and I hope you are able to do a tour in a year or two to see how it looks and fills in. Cheers

  • Zake Ebanks

    What an absolutely beautiful garden…great job. What was the name of the largest tree on the edge of the grass and is it quick growing and dose it require full sunny or would it do as well in a shaded area of the garden?

  • elsa Grace

    Hello from CA. Love the round lawn and curved path. I cant wait to see it all filled in in a year or two.

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