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Interested buying Check out the prize & Reviews Here: Video Credit: gardentowerproject Vertical gardening Garden Tower That Can Grow Upto 70 Veggies And Herbs At Once Related PostsGROW HYDROPONIC HERBS VEGGIES LIKE AN AERO GARDEN INDOOR CHEAP AND EASY I’LL SHOW YOU HOWEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodDIY Hydroponic System, Tower Design – Grow Your Own Veggies!Garden Tower Grows 50 Plants At Once“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningGrow a kids vegetable garden // Kids Kitchen Garden // Organic Veggies // The Gardenettes

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  • Gilbort Labadie 1 year ago

    Howe du I get one of dem in curacao

  • Jen Lott 1 year ago

    How do you keep birds away ?

  • Maria Kirkman 1 year ago

    try googling 'gutter garden' cheaper

  • theEagle 1 year ago

    Can some body tell me how can I order it.

  • Orooce Sadiq 1 year ago

    How much price of garden tower?

  • Jen Lott 1 year ago

    I love the video. Thanks for publishing

  • Kathy Campbell Wallace 1 year ago

    This is a good idea but there is no reason for people to be going hungry when the supermarkets are throwing away tons of food on a daily basis. That food is still good and can be distributed or sold for 1 or 2 dollars to people so they do not have to be hungry. Further, if this tower is made out of plastic you will be getting leaching made worse by the sun of the chemicals in the plastic…leaching into the soil and thus going into the plants. Same leaching principal as with plastic water bottles.

  • deuce1349 1 year ago

    I have 2 of these I find that the "pockets" are not large enough to grow much more than small plants without over crowding. The bearings that enable you to rotate these towers became very stiff and made it difficult to rotate for an older person.and they are getting worse as time goes on. My worms do not seem to flourish as they claim in the inner core of the tower. Great idea but needs some work. I think these were rushed into production before they were properly tested.

  • HatedHero 1 year ago

    $400 lol. That's not helpful at all.

  • The god of Blue 1 year ago

    this is why i subbed for inspiration for new gardening ideas for tower gardens that will revolutionise the food industry and oh my god did you see how big there crops are growing dang im buying one as soon as my family is more open to healthy food

  • Mark Haushahn 1 year ago

    Too bad it's out of my price range I'm on a fixed income, I'd love to have one.

  • nmc398 1 year ago

    Yes food scarcity is a serious problem, but what's worse is taking advantage of that need by producing products at such a high price. This leaves the public no option but to find another way of producing food.

  • Cook Good 1 year ago

    nice information

  • cmiller8492 1 year ago

    These look EXTREMELY easy to build…. maybe 30 dollars in parts and in hour or two

  • Dazie Bennett 1 year ago

    Ya that's not going to help poor people at that price. Sorry i watched we are one of the hungry family's. Malnutritioned in America

  • Letty Carlo 1 year ago

    Great idea but to expensive for someone on ssi

  • Kazi Wolf 1 year ago


  • Balvinder Dhindsa 1 year ago

    I am in Canada please let me know how I buy it?

  • Najwa Abdeen 1 year ago

    How can I buy them I am in Saudi Arabia

  • Doc WHO?? 1 year ago

    Ok I need 20 of those , how much? Now it you fuck me on price your just is fucked as these ass holes