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Food is critical. There is a problem with our food system. The Garden Tower Project is trying to change that. Food is one of the most important elements of a person’s life. We all need it. We all think about it every day. Right now the world is experiencing some serious problems with our food, from our environment to our health. Even for well-informed people it is sometimes difficult or impossible to know where the food is coming from, how its been handled, or what has been added to it. Food scarcity is also a HUGE problem, especially in our cities where many households with children don’t know where their next meal is coming from. The Garden Tower is a unique soil-based garden system that incorporates the magic of mother nature, VERMICOMPOSTING! All in one container. It combines what the Earth does naturally and makes it possible to implement in so many more places. Anyone with a balcony, deck, lanai, patio, or yard has the ability to grow tons of fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, and more. When you place food scraps into the central column the soil is enriched and naturally fertilized resulting in the freshest and most nutritious organic food you can get. The Garden Tower also retains moisture and insulates the plant roots. Many people have success growing food in places like Phoenix, Austin, and other hot zones in addition to later in the season in cold zones. Urban city centers lined with concrete whereas once was impossible to grow your own food are now seeing Garden Towers pop up on rooftops, porches, lanais, and balconies alike. The Garden Tower pays for itself in produce in addition to improved quality of that food. The focus is not only on ease-of-use and functionality but also the biological performance to […]

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