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This is a response video to hypnotica144, found at /watch?v=W8fIvKW2wuE. In one of his vids, he was not having success with this garden tower. My plants have been doing pretty well in that planter. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningReview of the Garden Tower 2A hydroponic alternative: Review of the Garden Tower 2 from Mary Crouse (Texas)GT2 as a Salad Machine: Review of the Garden Tower 2 from David G. (California)Garden Tower Review – Peppers and Tomatoes + Joining the Food is Free MovementGarden Tower Project2 Review

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  • Jimmy Cudo 1 year ago

    Placement needs to be really good, too. Even the instructions that came with it said that location is very important. Needs to be in a place where the sun will be unobstructed. Only one side of the plantar will be getting sun at one time, unless there is a mirror or something that can reflect the rays. I have it growing in a part of the yard that is away from fences, the house, and everything else. Good luck to all who are going this way. Remember to mix the soil well, and to get potting mix, not potting soil. And don't forget the worms – they are supposed to be introduced before any planting takes place. I wasn't aware of that. They can usually be found in any fishing/bait shop.?

  • Curtis Youngberg 1 year ago

    That's really awesome.