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The Garden Tower Project was a kickstarter project to end world hunger. It also ends lots of extra work for gardeners. Get 50 veggies in four square feet with no gopher problems, no weeding, and easy pest control. Fully organic with its own supply of worms eating garbage and making fertilizer. Uses very little water. I will post more videos as my project develops. Related PostsVertical Gardening! The Benefits and How to Get StartedThe Vegetable Garden – Getting StartedVegetable Gardening 101 – Tips for Getting StartedGetting Started – Air Bucket Hexa (Hydroponic Home System) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Leaf Station One (Hydroponic Home Kit) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Darwin Junior (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)

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