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The Weekly Special visits the Garden Tower Project, a unique self-contained garden and composting system that is changing the potential of urban farming. For more information on the Garden Tower Project, visit: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEarth Day Special: DIY Gardening, ThreadbangerGarden Tower Time Lapse Spring 2013 Weekly UpdateEarth Tower GardenGarden Tower Project SummaryGrow Tower and Compost Maker Combined with The Garden Tower ProjectOrganic Patio Farming: The Making of the Garden Tower Project

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  • Bruce Mackay 2 years ago

    I have one of these built now with just strawberries planted. I started too late this year to get a crop but it is filling the drum with runners this year and some plants.

    The other thing I noticed is the heat from the compost is still causing the berries to grow and flower in late October in northern BC. It froze hard a few times and most leaves died. well they looked dead when frozen but look healthy now after wet snow melting over night.

    I used a 45 gallon drum I got from the dump and a piece of stove pipe all free stuff. I think I should have great berries next year.

    O I cut vertical slots in the stove pipe with an angle grinder and put a whole in the bottom of the drum to get the compost dirt out as that part happens.?

  • Antonette Borromeo 2 years ago

    thanks so much.. very helpful ideas..?

  • Brian Boe 2 years ago

    Clever idea but I think I'll just put the table scraps in the compost pile ….for any of yall with a yard smaller than the guys in the video I suggest a balrrel with some hole cut out …scrap could go in worm composter ….and cycled once a year ….if got several acres butt …..yall could plant in pots and fill yer balcony cheaper than this?

  • Ashley Mosley 2 years ago

    That is awesome but tue idea that u say of wanting to help people grow that dont have space to grow and money for food doewnt go with a $400 price system ig they font have space an money for growin its probly to that they dont have 400 extra dollars to order a grow system that theu then need to buy food seeds an wait for tha food just saying…but over all I believe this is awesome and I kinda want one myself?

  • Khidir Ali 2 years ago

    It would be great with a self-watering system.?

  • David Shaw 2 years ago

    decent small solar panel, reduction gearing, electric motor driven right off the panel.
    and the carrier/bearing surface for the barrel garden.

    it would constantly rotate and optimize sunlight…….

    we had a toy as children I remember.
    just a small pot holder with the same thing/solar panel turning it around…
    no batteries needed.?

  • judith grossbier 2 years ago

    Where does one plant tomatoes in the tower and how are they staked? I am waiting for mine for next spring's planting? ?

  • Angelia Odiame 2 years ago


  • barbre105 2 years ago

    Has anyone purchased and used one of these. I like the idea but saw one video and the man's results were terrible. Anyone else tried this product would like to know.?

  • this is brilliant.

  • Samuel James 2 years ago

    Hello and greetings from Brisbane in Aussie While your pictures shows these do grow good produce dont the worms get too hot

  • Scott L Sherman 2 years ago

    I believe you do a great disservice to many who would much prefer the soil-less and easy to maintain plus minimum water usage of the Tower Garden! While your Garden Tower is very wonderful and useful it has limited application for so many people that live in apartments, have little garden space and want something that is pretty much already there. How about doing a comparison of sorts emphasizing the pluses and minuses of both systems??

  • Roger Spinks 2 years ago

    There is a link to the right called "Half-Pint Homestead" that will show you how to make your own, time consuming but money saving. It's easy.?

  • Joshua Guinto 2 years ago

    Hello Mr. Colin, Tom and Joel,

    Congratulations to your marvelous achievement. I have been trying to make a similar instrument since 1998 but failed many times. Your product solved a lot of my problems. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I am a development worker and i help

  • gale212 2 years ago

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