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  • jackeekp 8 months ago

    add cornmeal, worms love it

  • juls jewels 8 months ago

    I've heard of people picking up an old meat grinder- the kind you clamp on the table and grind up the kitchen scraps to help break it down quicker.

  • Beginner Homesteader 8 months ago

    I love this idea! I have a few rows of green beans planted and they are coming up spotty as in they have not all germinated and come up at the same time. I have waited a week and no new bean plants. Should I replant? I am in zone 5 do I have enough time if I were to replant?

  • Gallagher's Homestead 8 months ago

    I like and might give it a try. Thanks for sharing

  • Rai Merry 8 months ago

    I dont think you will find earth worms work. You need Red or Tiger worms. Earth worms are what they say EARTH worms.

  • Edie Murray 8 months ago

    No dairy products, it will take the oxygen out of your soil. Nice do GF

  • Lo kins 8 months ago

    Love it!

  • Julia Campbell 8 months ago

    I was always told to slow roast the egg shells and grind them up to use for the compost piles? Not sure if that still holds true now or not? Would it make a difference if the eggs were fresh or store purchased? Anyone have thoughts, I would love to hear them. With 98 degree temps I am trying not to turn that oven on unless I need to lol.

  • Grandmas Homestead 8 months ago

    Great video, I have everything to start my tower, except need a little more energy. Hopefully tomorrow, tomorrow. Had to watch this one twice to see little Gracie, she sure does what you tell her. Still smiling and laughing at her.

  • Julie Harrison 8 months ago

    Awesome video. I'm interested in seeing how well this works are this would really help me alot with more planting area. But boy Gracie I s really getting longer legged. She is adorable. Thanks for sharing. God bless!!!!

  • Teri W 8 months ago

    Love your Flower bed .

  • Angela Baril 8 months ago

    I can not wait to see how well this works for you. I am looking for a way to garden above ground in containers and this is a great idea.

  • Jan white 8 months ago

    Gardening and good weather looks to agree with you because you look great Bev….Can't wait to see how it does….Love you and rooting for you always…..

  • Maryann Heffelfinger 8 months ago

    Love the flower bed behind you! Great color!

  • Kitten MacDonald 8 months ago

    Does the amount of soil in the barrel provide protection to keep the worms warm and alive over the wintertime, or does one have to move the wormies indoors at the end of the season? Trying to figure how well it might work in British winters….

  • Cheryl Sigler 8 months ago

    this is so COOL*
    EVEN IF I DON'T talk the hubbs into this process , just the idea of making a sideways barrel , i can turn and drain with your ideas added, would be awesome , if I can't do a planter. The idea is GENUOUS* for a planter though.

  • Amanda Naab 8 months ago

    now to convince my husband to sacrifice some of our rain barrels for these!!!!!

  • Joe Serrano 8 months ago

    Kitchen scraps=Worm Smorgasbord, what a feast them worms are gonna have! Uprated, thanks for sharing and hoping for 100% Success! 🙂

  • bintlooda 8 months ago

    I wonder why u dont recommend using bread ?

  • freakygeaktwo 8 months ago

    shared on fb 🙂