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Finally got the balconies back so it’s time to put the gardens back together. Wanted to update and take advantage of some new techniques so after much searching and researching I decided to buy a Garden Tower 2 made by The Garden Tower Project. Check out my Patreon: My Amazon Influencer page (Buy from Amazon through my page – the costs are the same but I get a tiny slice of each sale – Everybody WINS!!!) Facebook: Florida Keys Wooden Boat Fishing, Me and my stuff: My Boats: The original single seater Kayak is a Great Auk designed by Nick Shade of Guillemot Kayaks and built by me with my own two hands. It’s 16 1/2 feet long (the design is 17 feet, but I scaled it to fit in the garage I built it in) and 24 inches wide. This was the first boat I ever built. “Tiny” the double kayak is another Nick Shade design (Micro Bootlegger) and was also built by me. Videos of the later parts of the build are on my channel for your perusal (don’t forget to like and comment). It’s 18 feet long and 28 inches wide, for a stable and roomy ride, even with a bunch of fishing stuff riding along with me (or a second person). When I add the outrigger (which is just one of the pontoons off my Catamaran) I can include the Suzuki 2.5HP outboard to make tracks. My “Three Week Canoe” was, once again, built by yours truly, and you can see the entire build in my award winning video series “The Three Week Strip Canoe Build”. Available on a computer screen near you. The design is the classic “Puddle Duck” by Gil Gilpatrick. Last but not least (just kidding, yes it is), is […]

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