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Installation video for the premium caster kit available for the Garden Tower 2 from Garden Tower Project: This premium kit includes a USA-made laser-cut and double powder coated heavyweight steel support structure, hardware, and three heavy duty double locking (rotational axis locking) triple ball bearing black casters (imported). This item ships for FREE with purchase of a Garden Tower 2 This kit is required for using caster wheels directly with the Garden Tower 2 (DO NOT PLACE CASTER WHEELS DIRECTLY INTO THE FEET OF THE TOWER) The Garden Tower 2 already rotates easily with its internal bearing system; this kit is designed for customers that want to move their Garden Tower 2 easily or frequently. Unlike platforms and dollies, this kit mounts securely to the base which makes the tower more stable during transport. Our Black Premium Casters feature: 3 inch premium extra-wide, smooth polyurethane ball bearing wheels (soft rolling but highly durable composite wheel) Heavy-duty, high torque double axis brakes that are easy to use (best available brakes in the industry) Black-zinc dipped coating for enhanced weather resistance 220lb load rating per caster Our extra heavy duty Steel Support Structure: Positions the caster wheels beyond the center of the Garden Tower 2 feet for a wider footprint to maintain the original stability of the Garden Tower 2 Constructed of 0.250″ (very heavy) American steel stays which are laser-cut for precision Professionally powder coated for maximum resistances to the elements All required hardware is included Assembly is required Recommended tools: small standard socket set, adjustable crescent wrench Installation videos coming soon Warranty information: a) The Steel Support Structure is LIFETIME WARRANTIED against mechanical failure (such as bending or breaking); b) The castor wheels & zinc-plated hardware are warrantied for 3 years against mechanic failure (functionality of the bearings, braking […]

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  • Th Linn gill 1 year ago

    we went to the Kratki style hydroponics because we were worried about power or equipment failure with pumps and the like, as the kratki system doesn't use pumps we figured it would be as another grower on youtube said a set it feed it ounce a month and forget it till harvest time. ( in a perfect World ) but we figure in a hot house setting we better plan on watching out for some heavy humidity and or heat related issues. We also air locked the entrance to our greenhouse and adding 2 stacked 50 gallon compost tumblers to help with heating for winter, They heat up let me tell you. we were also gifted a sweet lil home weather station unit from my parents that we will use to remote moniter the diffrent conditions ( moisture, temp, ventilation ) in the greenhouse ( as well as outside ) It has a history filling feature I think will be just great ounce I learn to use it.

  • Th Linn gill 1 year ago

    hay Kathy is this unit aqua or soil based ? also we're from Farmington and just finished a large home greenhouse and need to know how to organize the plants into the soil based version of the grow tower we made our own and they are 50 gallon barrels with 50 pockets each with another 50 pockets in the upper 30 gallon barrel we have 10 of these what I call super colloms in my new 10' deep x 40' long x 10' tall detached greenhouse. We also have several vertical Kratki style hydroponic tanks were we plan to grow our leafy greens Lettuces, kales, chards. when We stacked the super colloms we found that there was a small gap were the upper and lower barrels meet so this and the tops is were we plan to plant our radishes, turnips, carrots. We thought we should put the mellons and other large vining plants at bottom so they could vine out into the iales between the towers and across the back walking area as this should be the low traffic area ounce we have our automatic watering system up and running. we also added a fish pound for catfish in back corner so we can harvest fish as well as fish emullsions for the plants. Our corn stand will be opposit this alongside our IBC potato box. we plan to train our tomatoes to clime upwerd to the ceiling on cabbels to rafters. we have a large heat sink in the greenhouse for winter heating and we will add blown in insulation later toward winter any way enough of my pontificating, We were wntting to know if you could offer any help in planing were in the barrels we need to plant which plant types or veriety. Sorry about my spelling or lack there of LOL.

  • XxxITzRedxxX 1 year ago

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  • Mighty Fine Gardens 1 year ago

    nice project you have