GARDEN TOUR: The fabulous front yard landscape design concept Linda Vater

This is one of my favorite houses near me! The scenery is equally eye-catching. Walk with us and discuss the characteristics of this incredible landscape! Gas lamp-flame lighting: Plants mentioned in this video:-Maple-Magnolia-Plum-Cordyceps-Colocasia-Palladium-New Guinea Impatiens-Hydrangea-Fescue-Heavenly Bamboo Nandina -Crepe Myrtle-Variegated Blooming Lilac-Ivy Foxtail Fern-Mondor Grass-Pentagon-Angonia-Salvia Powder-Ginkgo Tree-Blue Atlas Cedar Tree-Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar Tree-Wandering Jade-Yew-Dwarf Elm-Boston Ivy-Dog Tree-Japanese Maple-Columnar Ginkgo Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest:.


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