Garden Tour: Design Ideas for Narrow East London Gardens | Linda Watt

This narrow East London garden is a perfect example of how much fun and plant species you can enjoy in a small garden. Admire Stina’s melodic descriptions of roses, dahlias and nasturtiums. Must see the end… who knows? ! A greenhouse on such a small plot? ! You can see the influence of this fashion designer on the delightful garden of this Swedish Londoner. Thank you, Stina! ! Check out Stina’s Instagram: Plants mentioned in this video:-Rose-Geranium-Tulip-Nasturtium-Lily-Dahlia-Rudbeckia-Tithonia-Cosmos-Calendula-Sunflower-Fig Tree Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest :.


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  • Susan Smith

    I enjoyed this tour very much! And hearing about your future projects was inspiring. I don't think a garden is ever finished. I know I am always planning new things. Love your greenhouse!

  • Gemma C

    I'm sorry to say, but this garden is a mess. I'm British and this is NOT a good representation of British gardens. I'm surprised this appealed to you.

  • Mary Glidden

    Loved watching this tour of a lovely garden and the rooms created, each different yet all flow so nicely. Thank you too for showing us your work in progress! I have a greenhouse on my bucket list and love the idea of watching /hearing the rain while sipping tea inside! I went to a garden this summer that had the mexican sunflower and they are beautiful…so velvet looking. I am not a red orange plant lover but am planting this next year it is so lovely.

  • Northeast Hardy Tropicals

    Wake up and enjoy the garden tour. This is a great spot, nice work on this. Love the greenhouse

  • Orange Orchid

    I love the special secret seating area she's created for herself, I'm inspired to create one for myself in my own garden.

  • Jakkk Edwards
    Reply this so much! Being born and raised in London, this takes me back to my childhood. So lovely, thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Lea Hall

    So fun to watch these tours! I always walk away with a tidbit (or several) to apply to my garden design! Thank you for arranging these Linda!

  • ELMA ElmaR

    This is such a beautiful garden!! I so love the little garden rooms that make it all feel so cozy!!The greenhouse is oh so fabulous and what fun you will have planning some beautiful shade gardens!! I cant wait to see the progress on instagram !! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • stephaniestatnick

    Stina your garden is beautiful!! I have a small city courtyard and got so many ideas! Thank you for sharing:)

  • Jennifer Petritz

    My favorite garden tour yet! I have followed Stina’s insta for a while now and it’s so nice to be able to virtually tour her fabulous garden! Thank you for this treat!

  • Mary Ann Campbell

    I love this garden in how she used her space. I also love how she showed the messy side and the unfinished projects. Which makes me feel not so bad, when I haven't gotten to a flower bed and it is overgrown with weeds. Thank you for sharing.

  • Aleto Aleto

    I love it..!
    Really personal
    I am a roses kind of guy as well
    And I love when people show not just the pretty area but projects to come. Very nice 🙂

  • Love Dawgs

    I really like the postage stamp yard. The contrast between the formal clipped grass with the rambling roses and other flowers is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gardens!

  • Myra Camilo

    What a lovely garden tour Linda, I’ve always wanted to visit London but perhaps one day. Love all the section in your friend’s garden, it’s almost like rooms you can go read a book, meditate, have some tea or coffee as she already does. Thank you again, hope you had a good weekend.

  • Joy Whitley

    Lovely!! The ‘rooms’ are pure inspiration. I’m in love with your nasturtium gateway. ❤️ Thank you and many blessings.

  • Sydney Kasmar

    What a long garden. I thought it ended with the lawn area and then it went on for three more spaces. My favorite takeaway – sitting in the greenhouse while it rains and enjoying the garden. Thank you.

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