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Garden tour in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for watching! Misilla Most of our garden seeds are purchased from SeedsNow, make sure to use code “learntogrow15” for a savings of 15%. . Below are affiliate links. If you make a purchase,​ I​ earn commission! Your support will assist me on future projects and videos. Thank you! Misilla GARDEN FAVORITES! PURPLE TREE COLLARD PLANTS: O​RGANIC SEEDS​: Save 15%, use code “learntogrow15” at PERPETUA BLUEBERRY (BEARS FRUIT TWICE PER SEASON): ​ ​THORNLESS/DWARF BLACKBERRY (BABY CAKES): ​ ​SELF WATERING PLANTER: Save 20%, use code “learntogrow” at checkout. ORGANIC WORM CASTINGS: Save 10%, use code “learntogrow” at checkout. VERMISTERRA WORM CASTINGS: GREENSTALK GARDEN TOWER: MANTIS ​BACK PORCH COMPOST TUMBLER: ​ M​ANTIS COMPOST BIN THERMOMETER: MANTIS COMPOST MOISTURE METER: RINGER COMPOST MAKER: ​BAMBOO GARDENING GLOVES: GARDEN TOOL SET: GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE: COCONUT COIR: GOT DIRT? T-SHIRT: ​AMAZON AFFILIATE: LIGHT FIXTURES WE USE IN OUR GROW ROOM: Fluorescent light fixture T5: Fluorescent light fixtureT8: Light Bulbs 6500K for T5: Light bulbs for 6500K T8: Compact Fluorescent Bulbs for small spaces: Clamp Light Reflector: Light bulb socket/cord: MICROGREEN SEEDS: Mix (Broccoli, Crimson Clover, Red Radish, Alfalfa: Salad Microgreens: Organic Wheatgrass: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Pay Pal: Patreon: ​Bitcoin Address: 1MbPpb895BCPCBkUTG5EdaB54WKXhBV52D ​Ether Address: 0x24799de9f51F3B32CE4b0013d1D1f125ABa54568 Litecoin Address:​ LcsRuxHxWmkowNMvJxGC6jLUMVhYeAULFw STAY CONNECTED WITH LEARN TO GROW: Tweets by learntogrow2 JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK! VISIT OUR CRAFTS & MORE CHANNEL: SEND MAIL TO: Learn To Grow P. O. Box 12851, Mill Creek, WA 98082 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEveryone Can Grow A Garden 2018 #15: Vegetable Garden Tour (June)Chandigarh, Pinjor Garden Educational TourThe Learning Garden Walking […]

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  • lovers4healthylife 1 month ago

    Wonderful garden tour Misilla! I found out the hard way with my lemon balm and oregano growing out of control. It's funny how new plants pop up everywhere. TFS, 🙂 Peaches

  • RainGirl 1 month ago

    Hi Misilla ! what can I still plant at this time of the month, here in Pierce County. Thanks !

  • Ruth P 1 month ago

    Excellent! Thanks for the potato tips. Nice to find a gardener in the PNW.

  • Antonio Rivera 1 month ago

    Awesome garden nice well done beds.beautiful keep doing a great job

  • my downsized life 1 month ago

    nice garden !!!!!

  • CC CC 1 month ago

    New video?

  • Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden) 1 month ago

    Looks Great!

  • Bob Sacamano 1 month ago

    New subscriber. Love your garden update.

  • Poodle Daddles 1 month ago

    Looks good!

  • I'm growing melons now in the Phoenix heat. My artichokes are barely hanging on. I did get 12 lavender plants yesterday to plant in my yard, and I have some basil I need to transplant. I also have twelve fruit trees I'm taking care of. I've only lost one juvenile apricot plant to some unknown blight,…but it was a sad looking thing when I bought it. I thought I could revive it. Thanks for the garden tour, Misilla!

  • Sapper Gardener 1 month ago

    Lovely garden update, Misilla.  Lots of abundance in that Pacific NorthWest garden!  Rob

  • melissa hylton 1 month ago

    Beautiful garden as always! How’s your orchard doing this year…. any of them fruiting good for you yet? ❤️

  • Aqui A Personne 1 month ago

    Thanks for the tour 🙂 You are a Nice, kind ans creative one 🙂 Thumbs up 🙂

  • Gardening and Goldfish 1 month ago

    Thanks so much for all the great videos over the last few years. Always a treat to see how the different parts of your garden are are doing.

  • Jennifer Taylor 1 month ago

    Beautiful garden! Enjoyed the video, never have seen so many strawberry plants.

  • Bumble Bee Junction 1 month ago

    The garden looks beautiful as always ! And always such a great variety ! Your skills are undeniable ! Thank you so much for sharing the results of your hard work with the rest of us !

  • Ping Pinas 1 month ago

    Thanks for the inspiration Misilla! Because of your videos, my boyfriend and I started a small garden last year. Been watching your videos for 3 years already. Right now we have cucumbers, kale, 3 or 4 variety of peppers, cherry tomatoes, chives, wansoy, lemon, okra, peppermint and a few more. We live in the Philippines. Its a small backyard garden in the city. We plants in pots to maximize the space. Thank u for inspiring us! God bless and hope you'll continue to upload more videos! Happy planting!