With the arrival of spring and sunny days, you want to spend some of your time outdoors, to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the chirping of birds and the psycho-physical well-being that a beautiful day can achieve. so if you have a nice garden and some space available, don’t give up on buying a nice swing.The garden swings certainly make the space more complete but also more fun, as far as children are concerned, who will have a great time. world to swing in the open air, and even more relaxing because it creates with its movement a pleasant sense of relaxation and rest for all adults. An object that makes everyone agree.It is the ideal object for different occasions: as well as for rest and relaxation, it is excellent for reading a book, for chatting with friends, for flirting with boyfriends or for sunbathing. not excessive, since it also protects a little from the sun thanks to the comfortable hood. Its origin derives from the traditional rocking chair but it is much larger and is designed especially for the outdoors. Nowadays, fortunately, there are some on the market so many, and of the most varied types, all you have to do is choose the right type for your taste (and of course your garden).
garden swing

garden swingThe rocking chair has a very simple structure, it is characterized by a fixed base structure that supports the mobile structure constituted by the seat.

Obviously the choice depends, as already mentioned, on personal taste and on the space available.Fortunately, the market offers a wide range of products, with different characteristics, to choose from.If you have a large garden you can give free rein to your own fantasy, while if the space is limited you can choose the single-seater swing, usually little used, and even if the structure is minimal, you can make it more beautiful with the use of some more particular fabrics and materials, so no one will have to give up to the pleasure of having a rocking chair in your garden. In addition to the single-seater swing, there are two or even three-seater swings. As for the materials, there are different ones, depending on tastes and financial availability. They range from the classic, simple and cheaper plastic rocking chair, up to more complex and articulated and slightly more expensive structures, made with aluminum, wood or wrought iron. The plastic ones are very resistant and easy to clean and can also be left in the garden during the winter because they do not get damaged and can be easily cleaned. You just have to remove the cushions to prevent them from getting soaked in rain. Even the aluminum ones are very cheap and practical and in addition you have the possibility to choose between various types of colors, so you can really indulge your imagination. wrought iron garden furniture, on the other hand, is a little more expensive, but it is really customizable, especially if made to measure, in fact you can choose any parameter for its realization and it is quite resistant, but it should be avoided to leave it out during the winter months because over time the rust formation process occurs. Finally, its particular color makes it a truly elegant and particular accessory for your garden.Finally we have the teak swings which are certainly the most particular, to combine with a large and elegant house.They are very beautiful, but also expensive, they are robust but they are very delicate and in winter they must be placed inside to prevent them from being damaged.Moreover, you must also pay close attention to the choice of fabrics and cushions, so that they are not only beautiful, but also very resistant, since the swing is outdoors and exposed to the sun’s rays, and, really fundamental, they must be removable and machine washable, for absolute hygiene and comfort.

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garden swingIt has now become easy to buy a swing. You can do it in the various garden furniture shops now fully equipped and always with cutting-edge models, or in the stores dedicated to gardening and DIY or even online, especially in those sites that deal specifically with furniture garden, and who always have fabulous discounts. In addition, there is the possibility of hiring expert iron and wood craftsmen to have a customized model built. Obviously in this case the expense will be higher.

Once purchased there is no need to fix it to the ground, but if it is used mainly by children and you want to be a little safer, you can fix it to the ground with bolts. support, it is resistant and safe up to a certain weight. it is also important to place the large swings in large spaces, so that in the movement of the swing, no obstacles are found or any furniture placed nearby is damaged. it really offers all kinds, so have a good choice and enjoy the beautiful days that will arrive from next spring on your new swing.

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