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Part 10 of a video series about how to self-build a timber-framed garden room office (aka tiny house) /wood workshop in the UK.
This video covers how I built the warm roof.

The purpose of this video series is to provide all the information required for viewers to build their own garden room rather than just a montage of the building work. It took me months of research to learn everything in these videos so I hope to save people time and money.
The videos are a mix of theory and footage of the build including all the mistakes I made along the way. I am not a builder or tradesman, just a keen DIY-er with some basic tools. Everyone can do this!
In the longer term, I hope to turn this channel into a community for garden room self-builders and to eventually evolve into a woodworking projects channel – the real purpose of my garden room!

Garden room ideas: workshop, office, games room, cinema room, art studio, music studio, yoga retreat, spare bedroom, annexe or run a home business such as yoga classes or hair salon.

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Tools used:
Circular saw
Impact driver:
Tape measure:
String line
Spirit level as a straight edge
Sharpie pen
Safety: gloves, eye-wear, ear protection, dust mask

Materials used:
18mm OSB3
11mm OSB3
Screws 50mm
Nails 50mm
100mm timber
Polythene vapour barrier:—2-5-x-20m/p/153230
Polythene tape: PIR insulation
180mm slab nails:

Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown youtube channel:

Good websites to check prices for materials :


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Garden Room Workshop: Part 10. Warm roof

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  • Andre Mirzaian

    How much did all thins cost in the end? I’m going to build a wood shop myself and I’m trying to figure cost of all the materials. Thanks!

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly

    Thank you! I am looking forward to watching more of this series in preparation for redoing my flat roof. Nearly 50, female, btw. I appreciate your tips on how to do things efficiently as a solo worker.

  • Alex Ramsay

    Thanks for much useful advice! I'm wondering about finishing my roof with corrugated iron or similar – I'm guessing I could waterproof the top deck with a membrane of some kind and then fasten the corrugated iron to it – would that work?

  • john Hamilton

    Great video, thanks. Do you think 11mm osb top and bottom would have been sufficient, as opposed to 18mm and 11mm? Many thanks

  • Alex Barr

    Ali – quick question for you. At 5:50 in this video why is it that these pieces of timber aren't flush? The top one looks like the 2×4 boundary holding the PIR in place, but what is the lower timer? Is it the fascia board? Thanks!

  • Alex Ramsay

    Great videos and really useful presentation, many thanks. One thing I'm not clear about, though – if I were to leave the roof joists exposed internally with ceiling, deck etc above them, how are the gaps between each joist above front and back walls filled in? Have I missed something obvious?

  • activebiz

    This is brillient. Excellent details. Was 100mm insulation enough to get the Building Control certificate ? (I assume you applied for one)

  • RestWithin

    Great video, excellent presentation. Love the music too. I’m a over the hill woman trying to tackle DIY projects by myself. Thanks for the clear explanations and speaking audibly.

  • Fishamble

    Love the videos. Thanks.
    Do you really need to leave a 3mm expansion gap for OSB?
    I'm a DIYer and decked out my attic for storage last year. Didnt think I would need to leave a gap.

  • Khurram Chaudhry

    I know this video is old now but i was wondering if the slab nails gave you any issues with the rubber roof. I was thinking of using a spade drill bit to recess them but not sure if the nail head also sticks up. What are your thoughts?

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