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This video isn’t a how-to video, rather just an illustration of how the project turned out for me. I didn’t cover footings in my video. Up north you are going to need to lay a good footing so that the wall doesn’t shift and break apart when it freezes. Down south you may get away with digging down and compacting a foundation made up of paver base. Related PostsLiam Gallagher – Wall of Glass Acoustic | LIVE From The Roof | Radio X sessionMaking A DIY Verticle Living Wall From Leftovers, on New Years Eve.♻️ Wall Garden/How to build a DIY Vertical wall garden from a palletsGarden Levelling, Retaining Wall, Stairs, Benches From Railway Sleepers[UPDATE] Make a Living Wall from a Pothos Plant Pt 2How to Make Wall Hanging Planters from Recycled Plastic Bottles

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