If you are lucky enough to own a piece of land or a house with a good amount of space in front of the door and you want to design a garden, you are really in luck. Sometimes it is possible to transform barren and remarkably ruined lands into beautiful lush oases and it is only a matter of commitment and creativity on your part, apart from your financial availability of course. However, even if you cannot spend money all at once, slowly you will be able to realize the dream of a comfortable and functional garden also because more precise ideas will gradually emerge in your mind. Let’s say that for now you only have an idea that you need to develop correctly and since haste is usually a bad advice, even if you have the financial resources, you should wait and ponder all your movements well. Unless you want to benefit from the advice of an architect or an exterior designer, you will have to go around quite a bit to implement your ideas because only by observing and asking can you be sure and convinced of what you want to create.

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garden project The ideas you want to implement can only be put into action when you are fully sure, in fact most of the time it happens that by observing and practicing the brico centers and outdoor furniture shops, you see even more innovative ideas that attract your attention. Do not be hasty, carefully evaluate each step you are about to take especially thinking about your family needs. Start thinking in your mind, what kind of path you want to form at the main entrance.Choose firm stone slabs to sink into the ground especially if you have small children and think about the stability that the walkable ground must have. If you like gravel driveways, keep in mind that they are very uncomfortable for people who use stiletto heels or for those who use bicycles or mopeds. If you foresee the passage of strollers or prams, opt for another type of material or assign the driveway to a secondary entrance where there is no continuous strolling. If you are a practical person, opt for granite walkways if you want, even with decorations. During the purchase, make sure that they are easily washable even if with a garden pump. Think also of the plants that line the path that must have roots that are not too intrusive otherwise there is a risk that the slabs over time may rise from the ground where you have dug them. If you do not want to delineate the driveway with plants but only with outdoor elements, you can do it with tuff bricks, with low stone walls or with outdoor tiles implanted in the ground in a rhomboid position. If you want and like it, you can create a grassy lawn over the entire free area and plant a willow, however first requesting the opinion of an expert because this type of tree needs clayey and very humid soil. In addition, the willow growing, could remove light from the house. There are, however, for sale, soil PH meters. On the green lawn, you can then think of the various furnishings to be placed. If the green area that you have to use as a garden is limited, do not range too much with the outdoor furniture because the result would not be optimal and it is preferable to limit yourself to a few useful elements. If you can space enough, go ahead.

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If you have children or are planning to have them, also think about a small playground for their delight. The outdoor furniture shops will provide you with slides, houses, swings of excellent quality. It is advisable to take good plastic toys if you do not want atmospheric agents to break them. Opt for resin elements that are robust and are not likely to be damaged in the weather.

If the garden is large, think about where to place the benches which can be of granite or wrought iron. Both very resistant, the only difference is maintenance. Those of wrought iron must be painted from time to time respecting the ancient effect that distinguishes them. You can place them under the weeping willow or in some other area of ​​the garden. Next to one of them, you can put a tall pot in which you will place a pot with a hanging plant. These vases can also be placed on the sides of the main door. They will give the house a somewhat aristocratic look. On the surrounding wall you could place a characteristic fountain that takes up the material of the benches. On the market you will find a wide range that will enchant you regardless of the material they are made of. Next to the fountain, you can have an outdoor kitchen installed which is almost always made of granite. Prices vary depending on their functionality. There are complete ones that in addition to the grill for the embers, also have the fillers for methane gas if you want to cook outdoors. If your budget allows it, you can have a gazebo installed. This element is one of those things that depend on the whole context of the garden. In fact, it can be a romantic-style gazebo or one of those gazebos with large white awnings that are very functional and practical, which can be dismantled during the winter season and completely washable. Of course, every free corner will be filled with elements also born from your inspiration and creativity. An old wooden cart, for example, appropriately stripped and repainted with the color you like, can become a nice and rustic plant holder while an old barrel can be the ideal support for a hanging multicolored plant such as surfinia.

toolboxIf you have space in your garden, you cannot miss the very comfortable tool shed that avoids having various tools and buckets and watering cans scattered around the garden. It’s up to you whether to choose it in waterproof wood or resin. While the former needs at least annual maintenance, the latter is easy to assemble and does not require excessive care. However, the wooden house is soundproofed and can also contain a work bench where you can do the DIY work so you can use the drill without complications without disturbing the neighbors. Both houses are solid and indestructible but while the first is more aesthetically pleasing and serves as an additional component to the garden, the second can be placed behind the house because it appears more impersonal and cold. The latter does not even require anchoring to the ground.

Now that you have designed your wonderful garden, even if mentally, you can proceed with the work and surely, this green area will prove to be a true oasis of peace and well-being for you and your family.

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