All plant lovers must obtain not only the equipment necessary for their correct cultivation such as scissors, hoes, shears, but also suitable pots and containers to contain them. In fact, pots and containers are of primary importance for the survival of plants. From a technical point of view they are fundamental because they affect the nutrition of plants. On the market there are many, of different shapes, materials, sizes. Clearly their choice varies according to the choice of cultivated plants and their needs. The vases are generally found at home, especially to embellish the living room, on the terrace, on the balcony or in the garden. The earthenware and concrete vases are classic. The former have the characteristic of being porous, therefore they allow a good exchange of air and humidity, which is essential for the plants placed in the house. Concrete pots are less used, because they are not porous and do not allow the plants to exchange air and humidity. On the other hand, wooden containers are better because they are light and easy to handle. Lately, plastic pots are becoming increasingly popular, because they are very cheap and easy to move and clean. Peat and cellulose pots also deserve a brief mention. Due to humidity, these tend to disintegrate and therefore are used for direct transplantation. On the market there are also pots for hydroponics, which allow you to grow plants only with the help of nutritional salts dissolved in water and without the need for soil. Particularly appreciated are the glass vases for their colors suitable for all environments. One of the most delicate operations for the plant is clearly the potting to be carried out correctly and precisely.
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garden potsThe pots are perfect for enriching and decorating gardens, balconies and terraces. Useful not only for growing flowers and plants, but also vegetables, aromatic plants and fruit plants. Depending on the budget available, you can buy vases of different shapes and sizes or with particular colors and styles. The most used vases are mostly made of plastic and earthenware, but those in stone, wood and glass are also usefully gaining ground. To create a fantastic and elegant green space, simple rules are enough. The pots will certainly help decorate a garden. It is nice to see gardens full of flowers and plants, balconies full of flowered and fragrant vases that make our moments of relaxation more enjoyable. Perfect are the design pots to give that chic air to the garden or terrace. The most creative will be able, through DIY, to create rare and personalized pieces, just give free space to creativity. The pots can be placed in paths, at the entrance of a villa or house, they can embellish the stairs of an apartment building, above all they can give color to slightly dull rooms. Plants should be grown in outdoor pots, when the earth suddenly begins to absorb water and nutrients. One of the properties of pots is to prevent nutrients from escaping, and it also allows growers to control the amount of water available to plants. It is simply necessary to make a series of holes in the bottom of the pot and use a suitable soil, free of insects that can harm the plants. Should the plant become infected, simply remove it from the pot and isolate it from the rest of the plants. One plant that can safely grow in pots are herbs. To make them survive, just put them indoors in the coldest periods of the year and expose them to the sun’s rays. In addition, garden pots are also perfect for fruit plants, as well as for vegetables (chillies, tomatoes, potatoes) and aromatic plants. It is good to read up on the pots before buying them, to evaluate the various sizes of the plants.

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PLASTIC GARDEN POTSThere are several types of garden pots, there are the classics made of plastic, practical and rather inexpensive. There are different shapes and sizes, small for flowers and succulents, large for saplings or more voluminous plants. Most people prefer plastic pots for various reasons. One of these is the fact that plastic, in addition to being inexpensive, is much more practical to move and particularly resistant to hot and cold temperatures. Easy to clean, they hardly get moldy. If you have a well-kept and elegant garden, these vases are clearly not ideal because they are very cheap and not very refined. Another reason for choosing a plastic vase is the feeling of cleanliness and order that the vase offers.

terracotta garden pot And if you want to be extremely original, you can get a wooden cart inside which you can insert flowers and plants. Just take containers that have a good number of drainage holes. In case you want to grow aromatic plants, herbs and edible fruits, it will be necessary to see the material with which the vases were composed, paying attention that they are not made with material harmful to humans. Plants in terracotta pots, containing too many drainage holes, will need to be watered regularly. The terracotta pots, resistant to cold and heat and being particularly decorative, will give personality and elegance to the garden.

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