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The best way to plan a successful veggie garden is to look at what other gardeners have planted and see what works for them. The Garden Plans Gallery helps you find garden layouts from gardeners near you, or garden with similar conditions to yours. Browse through recently added plans, plans in your area, gardens with similar soil, layout (such as backyard gardens or community gardens), shade etc. This video shows how to get the most from the Garden Plans Gallery and how to find vegetable garden plans that you can use as ideas for your own designs. The Garden Plans Gallery is available on all Garden Planners powered by the GrowVeg system, some of which are listed here: At the end of the video, some of our favorite garden plans are showcased which have been published by people using the Garden Planner. Please like the video, leave a comment or subscribe if you’d like to be notified when the next videos in our tutorial series are published. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsContainer Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable GardenLow Desert Vegetable Garden near Phoenix, ArizonaAn Idea to Help you Find Land for Vegetable GardeningSuccession Planting: How to Harvest More From Your Vegetable GardenHow-to Grow a Vegetable Garden from Kitchen ScrapsVertical Vegetable Gardening Plans and Ideas

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  • Mohamed Tayel 1 year ago

    this is a great program and i want to start my aquaponic system after 2 weeks is this program support growing in aquaponic

  • Leia James 1 year ago

    I have a great deal to learn and enjoy all the information you share. One comment I have to offer is that given our growing conditions, I have had a great deal of difficulty with fungal disease. While I try to balance the various microbes and fungus, the good guys, the bad guys still get around. I can't plant one type of plant in the rows/beds the guide suggest. By breaking up the plants, I have prevented the spread of disease wiping out all of that crop. i plant no more than 3-4 plants (Tomato). Thank you for the information!

  • GrowVeg 1 year ago

    Find vegetable garden plans that you can use as ideas for your own designs:
    Garden Plans Gallery – find vegetable garden plans from gardeners near you.

    Create your garden plan here:

    For more Gardening Ideas visit our Pinterest boards:

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  • TERESA FRIEND 1 year ago

    I'm so glad I stumbled onto this and the videos!  Very helpful!  Although, I haven't been able to find a link for downloading the Garden Planner.  I'd like to get started planning for this spring-that app would make it so much easier.  Can you send me link?  Thanks, Teresa (Dahlonega, GA-N GA Mountains)

  • David Trees 1 year ago

    Thanks for reply and understanding my motives. Dead chuffed about the new site coming soon. I want to become an affiliate so this is all good news from my perspective. Cheers David

  • GrowVeg 1 year ago

    Hi David, Thanks for the feedback. Our main website is currently being redesigned and these plans will feature more prominently in the future, along with our videos. As you say, they show the wonderful range of plans that gardeners around the world are producing using our Garden Planner and there's no better endorsement than that!

  • David Trees 1 year ago

    Wow. Now this is what I am talking about. This promotes your service so, so much better than the ones on your website. This is why I sent the feedback today on your contact page. I always tell my clients to think from the buyers position, not a web designers perspective. Most designers do not think beyond the design process in reality.

  • GrowVeg 1 year ago

    Thanks – glad you're finding our videos useful!

  • RclintD Davis 1 year ago

    What a great, informative, and easy to follow video. I have found that, just adding "kitchen scraps" to a pile is not all that is entailed in creating good compost. Now I now what and what not to. By the way…………….Did I say THANKS!

  • dabigisland1 1 year ago

    excellent, very helpful, thanks to the web designer and programmer who made this program

  • GrowVeg 1 year ago

    Glad you like it – we've been amazed by the interesting variety of plans people have produced and couldn't wait to share them! – Jeremy

  • 731Transformer 1 year ago

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing. 🙂