Keeping your garden clean and tidy is a duty of all those who want to feel good about themselves and live life at home to the full, in the company of their friends and relatives. For this fundamental reason the paving of the gardens, which allows you to live in a better way and without too many worries related to cleanliness and order. The best paving for gardens is performed through the application of natural stones, which guarantee the harmony with the surrounding environment; the paving of the gardens must be designed in such a way that it is integrated with the surrounding area, without disturbing the harmony already existing within this green space of the houses.

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garden pavingThe solutions suitable for paving the garden are truly multiple and innovative, you just need to choose the material that best suits your needs and tastes and, you have to pay attention to the architectural style of the house. The most used materials for garden paving are: natural stones, such as porphyry, slate, marble, granite; the bricks; clay; the gravel.

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garden paving with natural stonesNatural stones are the best choice for garden paving, but also the most expensive, as these stones are very valuable and are able to give the entire garden and the entire house a unique and very appreciable elegance. One of the most used stones is porphyry, a rock of volcanic composition that was already used in ancient times to decorate buildings or sarcophagi of important personalities; the main feature of the porphyry used for the paving of the gardens is its low absorbency and low dirtiness, which make it suitable for the external environment and for the transit of pedestrians. It is very easy to maintain and also its installation has a minimum difficulty; porphyry has a great decorative effect and is available in the most disparate colors, which make it a leader in the garden paving sector. Another very popular stone for paving gardens is slate, which is used above all to cover stairs and avenues, thanks to its typical dark color that tends to gray-black; a very resistant stone and in need of constant maintenance, moreover, it is waterproof and anti-slip. The application of slate as flooring for gardens takes place through large slabs that can be cut and distributed in different shapes, according to personal tastes; often used alone, but can also be combined with other materials and natural stones. Finally, marble and granite represent the most elegant solution within a garden, as they are very precious stones and of great effect within a garden; the garden flooring in marble or granite gives the surrounding environment an elegant and very elegant effect. Usually for outdoor paving as in the case of gardens, the use of washed marble and granite is more indicated, which represent a more practical solution from every point of view, because these materials are stable in the installation, guarantee durability over time and, thanks to the different colors It is possible to choose the color that best suits the style of the house and the garden itself.

garden paving with bricksBrick garden flooring is an excellent alternative to natural stones, in fact they are mainly used in country environments to give a rustic look, but at the same time rich in style and very charming. Bricks are very suitable for small avenues inside the gardens and for pedestrian areas, as they are non-slip and are very easy to clean and maintain; they have a long life and their most used color is reddish.

The clay widely used for garden paving, especially for the sections of the garden used for the passage of the machine, since the clay is very robust and resistant to strong pressures. For this reason it is used a lot for the access roads; it also resists attacks from any type of acid and is suitable for the flow of rainwater. It is also possible to decorate the clay to your liking, choosing the color that best suits the style of the house; It is advisable to lay light-colored clay, so that it does not absorb the sun’s rays and makes the environment cooler during the summer.

Gravel is the cheapest solution for garden paving, but it needs to be leveled very frequently, as atmospheric agents could displace it; very suitable for shady areas of the garden because it reflects the light of the sun’s rays, but before putting it in place, it is necessary to uproot the weeds that could settle between one stone and another and make the gravel unusable.

There are many solutions for garden flooring, you just need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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