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Contemplating a victory garden? Considering your personal version of modern homesteading? Have no clue where to start? We all would like to be a little less dependent on outside sources right now. Join me for an overview into homesteading for beginners using permaculture principles. We will discuss 6 actionable steps to resilient self sufficiency on your modern homestead. You don’t have to grow all of your own food (unless you want to) but it will go over 6 steps to self sufficiency that will benefit you, your family, and your community. This is not my typical YouTube video format but is instead a very informative discussion on how everyone even people with urban gardens can create a little more resiliency in their vegetable gardens.

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6 classes on how to create a resilient & self sufficient homestead

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Urban Harvest Tutorial: Customizing your homepage

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  • Margaret D

    Re #5 – putting a tree near your chicken coop also gives additional protection to the chickens from predators like hawks.

  • Geekasaurus Wreks

    Nick's Edibles in Saint Cloud, FL has a lot of varieties of perennial fruit and berries. Huge selection of bananas, like the blue java (tastes like ice cream, yum). I know he delivers to Brevard, the "Central Central Florida area", lol and as far as Mims and Titusvile. He has a list of what is currently available on his website. He's a great guy and will always have my business. Check out his website and give him a ring to find out if he delivers to your area.

  • Ashley Pajak

    I'm actually trying out katuk and pigeon peas. Very excited for both. I'm interested in trying tree collards and ice cream bean tree

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