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Garden on the Roof,…terrace garden, roof garden, green roof, call it what you may, But this 7 year old hobby is truly stress busting, heat busting and in a city like Delhi, a paradise to have! Video Rating: / 5 A simple roof garden, built atop one of the houses in Sanctuary. Now Marcy and Jun basically never have to leave their house, which is all grand tbh. Follow me on twitter – Follow me on Instagram – Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofOptigrPrairie Green RoofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.How to fit a green roof to a garden shedROOF GARDEN FOR LEAFY VEGETABLES & PAPAYA FRUIT


Green Roofs



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  • Ashish Grover 3 months ago

    this is stunning.. what is this place? Delhi?

  • gajendra palria 3 months ago

    I also wanna know…..please answer him so I can know how u made ur roof waterproof n well drained

  • Arvind chauhan 3 months ago

    can you guide how you did the water proofing and drainage for this garden.

  • Tyson Chiswell 3 months ago

    I wonder what would happen if you had a load of tamed ghouls at the airport while the Brotherhood of Steel are still active.

  • Carl A. N. 3 months ago

    What settlement mods are you using? Could you maybe add it to the description!?

  • Thomas Pablo 3 months ago

    It occurs to me that you tweeked Mama Murphy's container shack, Davey.

    Definitely would like a closer look at that one of these days.

  • arieanna natale 3 months ago

    What mod are you using?

  • Ikua ! 3 months ago

    do you use a mod for resources ?

  • buttons2118 3 months ago

    u can pillar glitch the corn/plants closer together.. I did with the corn on my save, all bunched together and at different heights as it was on the ground.

  • Matteo Tacconi 3 months ago

    Please try to get in touch with the modder "kinggath". He just made this "sim settlements" mod that creates a dynamic system of auto-building homes! And he's trying to make his mod work for consoles, I heard. His mod plan includes creating "hundreds more building models", and I directly tought about you ahah!
    Good job on dat garden btw <3

  • killerbsting16 3 months ago


  • Potema Dunne 3 months ago

    Just mass select the store with a pillar and sink it into the ground. You can just ignore that it's under there. Pro tip.

  • Mike Dorsey 3 months ago

    would you mind giving us your mod order? I've been getting crashes lately and I've not really added anything new lately.

  • Indiestripper 3 months ago

    your pet ghoul jump scared me

  • Terry Lawhon 3 months ago

    Nice build. Where a rooftop garden is really needed, though, is at Hangman's Alley, with so little horizontal space.

  • Yousef Sofean 3 months ago

    Good work, but you gotta stop with modded build.

  • Moist Zebra 3 months ago

    A railroad base in the mechinists lair would be cool

  • XxSPFanx 3 months ago

    Wait…. How did you get Colin?????

  • Travus Cook 3 months ago

    I was trying to figure out, in your build menu it shows USO. Intergrated. is that just for computer or PS4 ? I can't find it for Xbox One.

  • So, fun recommendation, at least I think, you should go down into vault 88 and build an underground settlement! Not a vault, an actual underground settlement, with normal buildings and such! I think it'd be cool, and you'd do better at it than I ever could!

  • Extended Clip 3 months ago

    I dont see why you still glitch objects when you could download the "place anywhere" mod

  • Aaron Trussler 3 months ago

    I wish I knew a way to mod your settlements into the game.