The garden is the place where you spend a lot of the time of the summer for which it is necessary to create a welcoming and comfortable environment like the living room of our home, for this purpose the garden lounge was born. area to be dedicated to relaxation and tranquility, where you can welcome guests and where to spend hours reading a book in practice everything we do in our home but in a space surrounded by greenery and in contact with nature. garden lounges, were used only to furnish large gardens while now, thanks to the new models increasingly suitable for all needs, they are also used for small spaces and, given the great demand in the sector, many famous architects and designers are have tried their hand at creating particular and refined garden lounges, capable of making our garden a comfortable and elegant place to spend the and in complete and total relaxation. The garden lounge can be furnished in the style you prefer and, often, it is sold “complete” in practice you buy a set consisting of a sofa (usually for two or three seats), two armchairs and a coffee table so that you already have everything you need to furnish the relaxation area but, if you want different combinations, you can buy the pieces individually and then choose what we really need in our garden living room. that best suits our needs we must first take into account the space we have available so as not to exceed the purchase of furniture and overload the appearance of our garden, then we must take into account the place in which to place it in order to choose in fact, the most suitable material, the garden lounges, are made to be outdoors but not all of them resist well to the elements and therefore must be placed in a sheltered place like a gazebo or a veranda. Finally, we must also carefully evaluate the costs of garden lounges, which are generally very high, and choose the model that best suits us.
Garden lounge

Garden lounge The garden lounges can be made of many materials but, the various types of wood, are certainly the most used and appreciated also because they give the living room a classic and welcoming aspect that goes well with the nature and green of the garden.

The main woods used are teak (it comes from a tropical and particularly resistant plant), mahogany and balau, a valid alternative to these tropical woods represented by robinia which is the most resistant wood produced in Europe but which, to date, still little used even if very resistant to humidity and bad weather.Among the various woods used for the creation of the living rooms we also find rattan, bamboo and banana which give the living room a very particular and classic fun aspect despite being very hard and In addition to wooden lounges we can also find lounges made of metal that have a much more modern and essential line and also wrought iron lounges that combine resistance to class and elegance and can also be made to measure in a way to bring back the decoration chosen by those who buy it.Finally there are also the living rooms made of plastic or resin that represent a sc It is cheaper and more practical, even if very innovative and particular plastic garden seating models are available on the market, which have the characteristic of being able to light up, therefore in addition to furnishing the relaxation area they also serve as a source of lighting.

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Garden lounge Once we have chosen our living room, we can customize it with furnishing accessories that transform and make this area more welcoming.

First of all, it is advisable to have cushions on all the seats in the living room even if, in general, cushions are also provided at the time of purchase. The cushions make the seat more comfortable and can be chosen in the favorite color in order to give a personal touch to the furniture.To personalize the living room, you can also add a chaise longue where you can relax further and add particular tables or armchairs. An extra touch is to place the living room under a gazebo or under an umbrella in order to create a shady and comfortable environment where you can spend your days outdoors. The choice of color is also important, which can represent an excellent way to personalize the living room. , in addition to the classic colors of wood, there are plastic and resin living rooms created in all possible colors with which it is possible to create classic or particular color combinations.

Garden lounges, like all outdoor furniture, need some minor maintenance.

First of all, remember to cover or move the living room to a covered place during the winter and avoid that the various cushions get wet during sudden rains because they could get damaged. , treated with insulating paints in order to protect the surface. Metal living rooms should, from time to time, be checked to see if rust has formed and, if it is present, it must be eliminated. to shops specializing in the sale of outdoor furniture but it is always advisable to compare different estimates before choosing the model that suits your needs.

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