Creating a living room in your garden means not only being able to live it fully and create a functional space, but also giving an aesthetic value to the garden itself. Even a small garden, with the right choices, can become an excellent area for relaxation and entertainment. The ideal choice is to recreate a real small sitting room surrounded by greenery, to accommodate even friends in relaxation. it would be to be able to have a table with chairs, an upholstered sofa, a cover such as a gazebo or an umbrella would not hurt and, finally, a good lighting system should not be underestimated, to enjoy relaxation even in the evening hours. large gardens and large living rooms, you just need to know how to choose comfortable, functional and original furnishing elements.If it is not possible to place a chaise longue because the dimensions do not allow it, just find enough space to accommodate a swing chair, an armchair or perhaps a bench. In short, the solutions are endless, for those who have a lot of space, the presence of a nice barbecue, an outdoor kitchen and maybe a platform would also be excellent. How to place all the elements, so as to enjoy the outdoor space well even when the ground or grass is damp or wet. It all depends on the taste, therefore, and the budget we have available, but in any case a comfortable solution and aesthetically beautiful always exists. The fundamental criterion to be taken into consideration when purchasing our garden furniture is undoubtedly functionality. The possibility of an effective use of what we buy must be considered.The construction material is a characteristic to be examined immediately afterwards. If we want to create a living room in our garden, we are aware that they are all objects that will have to be continuously exposed to the open air and to various climatic conditions. Therefore they must be very resistant so that they can last over time, in addition some materials need special care and more accurate maintenance and therefore we must be prepared in advance on the characteristics of all the possible materials to choose.
garden lounge

garden loungeThere are many materials to consider, the most common are bamboo and wicker which, being compact materials, do not require much maintenance if not normal cleaning. Aluminum is widely used and appreciated as it is resistant and very robust and provides a very special touch to the garden. We can also find iron garden furniture which of course will be treated with anti-rust products and then painted.

Anyone wishing to give their outdoor living room an ethnic or exotic style can opt for rattan, which however needs a little more careful maintenance. Being a vegetable fiber, if it is not previously treated with insulated materials and then properly maintained and repaired, it can deteriorate and suffer irreparable damage. The synthetic rattan will aesthetically have the same effect but will guarantee much more resistance than the fiber. The furnishings made of crocus, water hyacinth and banana leaf are also very beautiful, all completely natural materials. We can also suggest that iron and wood are very suitable for outdoor furniture in houses located in the countryside or at least in very large gardens. Plastic and aluminum, which are also much cheaper than other materials, can be perfect for small spaces, for terraces or for gardens in support of very modern houses. Finally, bamboo, teak and lacquered materials are good for sunbeds, chairs, tables and benches in any environment.

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garden loungeThe aesthetic aspect is important for the choice of the furnishing elements that will make up our relaxation corner, but even more fundamental is to choose based on the ease of cleaning and the ease of transporting these objects in a more sheltered area. that the bad weather of the cold seasons does not cause too much damage to the structures. The garden furniture is not renewed every year, when we support this type of expense we also hope that the items we buy will last a long time.

If we have to buy a gazebo or a pergola, it is good practice to make sure and inform us that the cloth, once worn, can be replaced without, therefore, necessarily having to buy back the whole structure.

The finishing touches are what will make our garden lounge even more unique.

For example, the cushions for chairs or sofas must all be matched or at least coordinated, plus they could also be combined with a tablecloth, perhaps in plastic because it will be more functional, to be placed above the table. The most suitable patterns for gardens are the classic and rustic checks or floral patterns. Unmissable details will be the candles. You can buy some to place on the ground and others to put on the table, perhaps just as a center table. Alternatively, a flowerpot or a beautiful plant will do just fine. Insert, as a precaution, the candles in the candle holders to choose from combined with all the rest of the furniture.As a final and very special touch, you can enrich everything with lanterns or torches on the ground that will be very useful during your evenings with friends and will provide the your garden a very particular and suggestive atmosphere. Finally, if you also have a gazebo, you could finish it with side curtains in order to give romanticism to your relaxing corner; the most appropriate colors could be warm ones such as red and orange, but also very light and relaxing colors.

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