Garden beds are a very important item for garden furniture. Unfortunately for those who only have a green corner, it is not possible to insert it, except by sacrificing other elements such as the swing, but a lot depends on personal needs. The garden bed has the main function of allowing you to be able to tan peacefully while you rest. Thanks to the parasol it is pleasant to lie down even during the hottest hours of the day. The beds are almost all the same size, some models have also been presented in the double version. It is a small bed, which can be made with different materials, which allows you to lie down or sit down because the backrest can be adjusted in height. The adjustment also affects the sun visor that adapts to your needs. The models that have wheels make it particularly practical and easy to handle because it can be moved very easily. The structure is ergonomic to make rest really healthy.

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cotThe garden lounger can be made of teak and steel, the structure that supports it is in steel, and is treated in such a way as not to be damaged. The supporting part is made up of a series of wooden slats. Some versions have a sunshade that can also be put on only if necessary, the variants to choose from are really many. The teak garden bed, as for the rest of the outdoor furniture in the same material, should not be left outside during the winter period. For added convenience, a cushion can also be applied. The plastic garden lounger is as common as the teak one, the structure can also have comfortable armrests, and you can choose between different colors. Usually for the garden the sunbed is chosen between the white or green color variants. The backrest is however reclining and can be transported by means of the wheels. The version without a sun canopy is more common. In this case, since it is plastic, the forethought is less than that for teak, it can be washed very easily with water and left in the sun to dry it.

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Some versions are stackable, very comfortable for those who want to buy more than one but do not want to have too much space occupied by the beds in the garage during the winter. The iron garden bed has a very simple and essential structure, it is always equipped with wheels and is equipped with the relative cushion. The choice of material is very personal and is also made on the basis of a different cost. Some garden loungers are aesthetically very beautiful and just as comfortable, there are versions where the structure is woven, and in this it is necessary to use a cushion to lie comfortably, and there are also rocking beds that have a fixed base which however allows the rocking, a version capable of combining the pleasure of rocking with the comfort of lying down. The synthetic fiber bed has a very high cushion that allows you to rest more comfortably, and sometimes even a removable parasol.

The garden lounger can also be modular, and in this case it consists of two different seats: an armchair and a medium-sized pouf. United together they form a comfortable bed that allows you to lie down, while when not used in the function of a bed it returns to its dual use. It is a bed suitable especially for very small gardens, where it is not possible to insert a lounge set and sun loungers. By preferring this solution if necessary, you have both one and the other.

The fiber beds are also made in the ‘special’ version, that is with a structure large enough to allow two people to be able to lie down. It is a double seat, very romantic among other things, equipped with a parasol that can be fully reclined to get a better tan. The garden lounger is often also called a chaise lounge and finds accommodation in sheltered areas to be used for afternoon rest. The wheels are very useful because by moving it you decide in which area of ​​the garden to enjoy the sun or the shade. On the market there are also very particular beds, formed only by a support base and a small mattress that is placed directly on the ground.

Cup holders and small tables are accessory elements that are often an integral part of the garden bed. Design has also intervened in this outdoor sector, creating even round-shaped loungers. It is possible to find yourself lying on a garden bed which also offers the possibility of total coverage by means of sheets. It is a somewhat Arabian model with a wooden structure, treated in such a way as to resist water. By means of the curtains it is possible to completely shelter from the sun and if necessary tie them to tan. To be made more stable it also has a fixing system. In this sector there is really spoiled for choice, especially in terms of shape and quality. It is a product really suitable for any pocket, precisely to ensure that no one has to give up such comfort in the garden.

garden bedsGarden loungers are the most desired furnishing accessories for those who own a green space.

Having them means being able to enjoy the sun, relax and maybe a few hours of rest.Their main function remains, however, to let us lie down comfortably to sunbathe and relax.That’s why there are so many models and they are made of different materials .Because they adapt to the style of the whole garden furniture. you have available

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