Garden lights perform a very specific function: without them it would not be possible to enjoy the garden even in the evening. In the generic category of garden lights there are different types, each with its own characteristics. We can divide them into: street lamps, spotlights, pendant lights, lanterns. To make a correct choice of garden lights, you need to have a clear idea of ​​where to place them: for an avenue, the use of street lamps is certainly more appropriate because being high enough they offer a greater radius of brightness, for the areas around swimming pool or under the trees spotlights are preferred.


garden lightThe street lamps are a classic example of outdoor lighting, they are designed and built to meet all the needs of the external environment: resistance, impermeability, durability, wide choice of models. When it is necessary to illuminate a large enough area, the street lamps are placed at an adequate distance to make the entire path completely visible. The shape reproduces a classic lamppost placed in a public street and the function is the same. The choice can be made difficult by the numerous models that the market offers, for this reason it is always advisable to ask the retailer for advice, also to buy them in the appropriate number.

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Spotlights are rather modern lights used in outdoor spaces because they allow the light to be diffused in a particular way. Usually they are used to highlight a space or an object in the garden. The light from the spotlights is quite bright and is projected from the bottom upwards, unlike the street lamp which, being placed at an intermediate height, compared to the seats, projects the light downwards. The garden lights that fall into the category of spotlights can be chosen in different shapes and colors to enliven the space and sometimes they are transformed into real furnishing elements that complete and enrich the garden.

Pendant lights are a little used outdoor mode because, compared to the other two listed above, they require a different structure. To hang a chandelier outside it must be repaired to avoid damage from the weather, for this reason it must be placed in a gazebo or under a covered structure that does not let the rain pass. You can choose very particular chandeliers for shape and use of materials. Very interesting are the models made of plastic, light and easy to fix. An alternative, as a garden light, could be the chandelier which, instead of the light bulb, provides for the lighting of candles. All this certainly contributes to creating a much more romantic atmosphere.

The lights we have talked about so far are all powered by traditional electricity but today there is an alternative: solar energy. Both the spotlights and the street lamps can be powered by the energy of the sun, thus avoiding a consumption linked to the current. In addition, these are garden lights that allow you to respect the environment and have a fairly long life. You don’t need to call a professional to install them, you just need to place the light and the sun’s rays autonomously recharge the solar cell that allows the lamp to light up. It is important to choose solar powered outdoor lighting as it does not involve any costs other than the purchase of the lamp itself. Garden lights have undergone a rapid evolution to also respond to the needs of the market that seeks to make available to its customers not only efficient outdoor products but also with a particular design.

In this case, the lanterns are an example of how outdoor lighting has followed trends and evolutions: once they were little used, today they hang from the branches of trees and are arranged on the table and can also be illuminated by means of a candle. Garden lights such as candles seem to integrate better into the natural environment, moreover they are also very cheap and can be chosen in the scented version.

Bioethanol is a substance widely used for candles but also for garden torches. It is a substance that has only started for some time and be present on the market and sought after. It is a liquid that allows candles or lanterns to light up, and in some cases outdoor bioethanol lights can be chosen that also combine the function of heating. The cost of these outdoor lights is roughly the same as traditional lights, it depends a lot on personal taste and the imprint you want to give to your garden. It is good to avoid using too many different lights because they would create an uneven environment. It is better to rely on a single line of outdoor lighting and choose the elements that seem best suited to your space.

Different spaces different lights Do you have a garden, but you don’t know how to light it up? Not sure which light is the most suitable to make the most of your outdoor space? Here are some useful tips on how it can be best illuminated. A light installed on the ground, such as a spotlight, gives off a rather concentrated light, in shops you can find different models and different shapes, but normally they are always used to emphasize the perimeter of a certain area. The diffused light from above, on the other hand, is a suitable light for the dining area. It is useless to underline the fact that the quantity of light must be well proportioned and must be able to make an environment correctly illuminated, in order to create particular atmospheres.

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