Would you like to illuminate your garden with the most modern and innovative solutions? Certainly yes, that’s why the section of our site entitled “garden lighting” takes you on an exciting journey through different outdoor lighting systems. The garden, being itself an outdoor space, must be adequately highlighted and illuminated with special light points. The lighting solutions are different, from the classic ones with halogen lamps to solar and LED ones. The cheapest solutions are certainly the solar and led ones. The halogen, solar and LED light emission system can be contained in lamps of different shapes and materials. In fact, street lamps, spotlights, lanterns and spotlights are used to illuminate the garden. These devices can be placed in different areas of the garden. The recessed spotlights, … continue

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continue …, for example, they can also be placed on the paved base or on the lawn. These devices emit light from the bottom up, expanding the brightness very broadly. The lanterns can instead be placed on walls and external walls, while the lampposts, composed of a very long rod and a trapezoidal-shaped lamp, can be used to give light to paths and tree-lined avenues. The points of light can be more or less evident. Their size allows you to adjust the light output according to your needs and the space available. There are also lamps known as “step marker” that turn on and off when things or people pass. In the garden, all these solutions are used not only to illuminate and make it safe to walk on the garden at night, but also to decorate. Lighting for decorative purposes includes white, yellow, red or colored lights. The colored lights are often led, have a low light emission and serve to create a soft lighting that highlights only some points of the garden. For outdoor parties, you need brighter lighting instead. Headlights, devices that work like spotlights, but with greater power, meet this need. Headlights are also used to illuminate the entrance and exit of cars from the garage and to discourage any unauthorized intrusion. The mechanism and power also determine differences in the costs of different outdoor lighting systems. For both safety and aesthetic reasons, garden lighting is a delicate aspect in both garden design and maintenance. At night it is important to see well in your garden, especially if the space is large and there are decorative trees and bushes, and it is also very important to choose street lamps, lamps and garden lights that are in harmony with the environment and with the style of the our home. In this section of giardino.it you will find many articles on outdoor lighting that will clarify your ideas on some aspects related to lamps, street lamps, spotlights, lighting systems and even photovoltaic garden. important technical details and explaining in an exhaustive manner the characteristics of the different materials offer useful advice on design and on the choice of the right models based on the characteristics of the garden and the house.It would really be an unforgivable mistake to take lightly a decision-making process, such as that concerning a factor like garden lighting. The reason? This market too, like many others related to the gardening context, presents a series of extremely different products that can be associated with various furnishing styles. In particular, within this brand new section, you will get all the possible advice about it. aspects such as garden lamps, without forgetting spotlights and even solar lamps. In short, we will try to make you always make a series of decisions in absolute awareness, to make the most of your green corner. Before deciding which lamps to install in our garden, it is advisable to take a look on the internet at the main models offered by the market. Depending on our degree of innovation we can opt for super modern solar lights, for energy saving lights or for old-style lights made with classic materials and with typical designs. Solar garden lamps represent one of the biggest novelties of the garden lighting market in recent years. In fact, these lamps have some great advantages that make them very interesting such as the fact that they are very ecological being solar energy but not only. They are lamps released from electricity and therefore do not require excavations, wires and connections to work. This aspect makes their installation extremely simple and economical. Another interesting aspect of solar garden lamps is the fact that apart from the initial cost, generally higher than a normal standard garden lamp, these models, running on solar energy, do not involve electricity costs.

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