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Steep Garden Level & Retaining Wall + Stairs + Benches + Flower pots from Railway Sleepers Most gardens I have seen with a hill has the hill going up at the back. Not many has a hill going down like mine did. I have pondered for many years as to what I should do.. Eventually I came up with this plan and design. Originally got some quotes from a few landscaping companies that ranged between £9k – £17k. Got some ideas from them along the way but eventually decided to manage it all myself and just pay labourers and for the digger hire… All in all I managed to complete this project in just under £5,000. Kids are very happy!! Related PostsBuilding a Wall with Oak Sleepers | TRC GardenBuilding a wall with garden sleepers26 Garden and Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas and Terraced GardensBuilders DIY: Designing your Garden – Building a Retaining Wall & SeatHow to Build a Small Retaining Wall in a WeekendHow To Build a Retaining Wall (Step-by-Step)

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  • John Oleary 6 months ago

    5 stars.

  • Lindell Anderson 6 months ago

    Wow I'm so jealous

  • anne neilsen 6 months ago

    Wow look great after you finish it.. Thank you for sharing

  • Richhard Kidd 6 months ago

    Assuming you’ve used a mitre saw for that timber, I’ve found cutting them to be a nightmare

  • Eddie Carrick 6 months ago

    I also have a slopping garden and yours looks great well done.

  • Carlos Nava 6 months ago

    Great Job!

  • Faces. 6 months ago

    How did you secure the sleepers to the ground?

  • Fuert Neigt 6 months ago

    That wood looks really good. that is good taste. It looks great even without the woodstain.

  • Gilles Sellier 6 months ago

    hi mate, how did you get the backhoe in the yard? I can't see any way in.

  • avtoban27 6 months ago

    Очень круто, very cool. Greetings from Russia

  • MegaThepow 6 months ago

    If you don’t mine me asking, how much was the total project cost? Very nice job

  • ToutCQJM 6 months ago

    That looks really pretty.

  • Reuben Hannon 6 months ago

    Terrible music, but nicely done

  • Levent Dogan 6 months ago

    Reeza, what is that blue sheet you have used behind the sleepers, in the flower box areas, is it for weed protection or to seal the water?

  • Levent Dogan 6 months ago

    Hi Reeza, its a great job, well done! Which screws did you use to attach sleepers togethers, i hv seen a couple of wood dowels, can you please confirm, ta v much

  • Layth .I. Butt 6 months ago

    Great looking garden – who did the work as I would like to do the same to my garden.