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Steep Garden Level & Retaining Wall + Stairs + Benches + Flower pots from Railway Sleepers Most gardens I have seen with a hill has the hill going up at the back. Not many has a hill going down like mine did. I have pondered for many years as to what I should do.. Eventually I came up with this plan and design. Originally got some quotes from a few landscaping companies that ranged between £9k – £17k. Got some ideas from them along the way but eventually decided to manage it all myself and just pay labourers and for the digger hire… All in all I managed to complete this project in just under £5,000. Kids are very happy!! Related PostsBuilding a Wall with Oak Sleepers | TRC GardenBuilding a wall with garden sleepers26 Garden and Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas and Terraced GardensBuilders DIY: Designing your Garden – Building a Retaining Wall & SeatHow to Build a Small Retaining Wall in a WeekendHow To Build a Retaining Wall (Step-by-Step)

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  • John Oleary 11 months ago

    5 stars.

  • Lindell Anderson 11 months ago

    Wow I'm so jealous

  • anne neilsen 11 months ago

    Wow look great after you finish it.. Thank you for sharing

  • Richhard Kidd 11 months ago

    Assuming you’ve used a mitre saw for that timber, I’ve found cutting them to be a nightmare

  • Eddie Carrick 11 months ago

    I also have a slopping garden and yours looks great well done.

  • Carlos Nava 11 months ago

    Great Job!

  • Faces. 11 months ago

    How did you secure the sleepers to the ground?

  • Fuert Neigt 11 months ago

    That wood looks really good. that is good taste. It looks great even without the woodstain.

  • Gilles Sellier 11 months ago

    hi mate, how did you get the backhoe in the yard? I can't see any way in.

  • avtoban27 11 months ago

    Очень круто, very cool. Greetings from Russia

  • MegaThepow 11 months ago

    If you don’t mine me asking, how much was the total project cost? Very nice job

  • ToutCQJM 11 months ago

    That looks really pretty.

  • Reuben Hannon 11 months ago

    Terrible music, but nicely done

  • Levent Dogan 11 months ago

    Reeza, what is that blue sheet you have used behind the sleepers, in the flower box areas, is it for weed protection or to seal the water?

  • Levent Dogan 11 months ago

    Hi Reeza, its a great job, well done! Which screws did you use to attach sleepers togethers, i hv seen a couple of wood dowels, can you please confirm, ta v much

  • Layth .I. Butt 11 months ago

    Great looking garden – who did the work as I would like to do the same to my garden.