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Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening: Through hydroponic gardening; plants can be grown anywhere as long as their growth requirements are met. It uses only 1/20th of water compared to traditional (soil based) gardening. It provides a sterile environment for plant production. This technique does not require pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, as there’s no chance of damage due to soil-borne diseases or pests. Crops grow two times faster in hydroponic gardening. It provides controlled environment, and yield is doubled leading to more production from same amount of space. It needs 20% of less space in comparison to soil based gardens, as plants with small roots can be grown closer to each other. Run-off in traditional gardening can lead to environment degradation due to high proportion of calcium, phosphorous and potassium content dissolved in it. But in hydroponic systems; water can be reused multiple times leading to water conservation with less expense incurred on it. There’s no-doubt in the fact that hydroponics involves less labor. Upkeep is also minimal. It’s simple to get complete control over nutrient balance by using solutions like Olivia’s Growing Solution. There are no soil setup and testing hassles. Plants grown through this technique are healthy and have better nutritional value. It has been proved that vitamin content is 50% more in hydroponically grown plants as compared to conventional ones. It is easy to harvest in this type of gardening. There are no worries about the changing seasons, as crops can be grown all year round. Hydroponic gardening is amazingly stress-relieving and a relaxing hobby. Moreover it is a great way to spend quality family time. Disadvantages of Hydroponic Gardening: Initial set up cost of hydroponic system is high. It requires constant supervision. These gardens can also become susceptible to power outage; in this case plants will dry […]

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