The garden lamps offer the possibility to illuminate an outdoor space, a garden or an avenue. The lighting through the street lamps is necessary to make that outdoor space usable even in the evening: a pergola or a gazebo represent the ideal space for outdoor dining in summer, and this would not be possible without street lamps. Generally they are a fairly diffused type of lighting, they are comfortable and practical. Essentially they suggest the same shape of the public lamp that you see in the historical centers, and they can be chosen of different heights, according to the need.

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Street lampThe garden lamp used for the lighting of the avenues is quite high, composed of an axis, usually made of iron, and an upper part where there is the bulb, which can be completely closed by a sort of glass case or only blanket. The street lamp is connected to a current trace that allows the light bulb placed at the end to turn on. Today the bulbs used for the street lamps are all low energy consumption, allow a lower consumption in terms of energy and greater durability, even if the cost is a little higher than a traditional bulb. Its replacement is very simple: you just need to unscrew the old bulb and screw the new one. The classic color of the garden lamp is black, but it is also found in dark gray and green shades. They are sold at both outdoor furniture stores and chandelier retailers.

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The street lamps can have a single arm and therefore a single light point, or two or three. The base of the garden lamp is firmly anchored to the ground, so it is absolutely not afraid of bad weather. No particular maintenance is required, because the garden lamp made of iron can be cleaned periodically and, being treated with special substances that make it resistant to bad weather, it remains a piece of furniture in the garden that never needs to be replaced. To illuminate areas of the garden where particular species of plants grow, very low street lamps are used and in this case the light, instead of being projected upwards, is diffused downwards, also increasing the lighting space.

The wrought iron lampposts are made with particular ornamental motifs that make the garden lamppost a unique piece. Moreover, the end of the street lamp can also have a sort of white sphere that diffuses the light. The alternative version to the garden lamp with the base on the ground is the wall lamp that needs to be anchored to the wall by means of a base. It is a little used model because there are no points of support in the avenues.

A novelty for garden lamps are solar-powered ones. It is the application of solar energy to the field of outdoor lighting. The sun plays the main action, because the rays are captured by a solar cell which generates energy by creating illumination. The shape of the garden lamp, in this case, is different because it has a vertical base and a top that lights up. The base can be of different colors, the light emitted is very clear, and they can be of different sizes, just like the classic garden lamp.

Over time, even the shape has undergone changes and the garden lamp has become an object not only used for the mere purpose of lighting but also to ‘furnish’. Small and medium-sized lanterns replace the shape of the classic lamppost to make the outdoor environment more contemporary. The choice is essentially based on very classic models of street lamps, but if you decide for the solar-powered garden lamp, the cost includes only the purchase, because no light bulb is needed, much less a connection to electricity. A small revolution that in this way finds its perfect location in the green space, integrating perfectly with nature and without producing any waste. Outdoor pole lighting is undoubtedly one of the first lights for the garden, for installation it is important to contact a professional who will certainly also be able to consider the right distance between one street lamp and another.

The cost of the lamppost varies depending on the model chosen, when you decide to illuminate your garden you must also keep in mind the cost of the installation, if it is a question of classic lampposts. The design has had a great influence in this sector, even if substantially the garden lamp has kept its classic shape unchanged. In any case, it remains a very characteristic element of green spaces above all because it makes them ‘liveable’ even during the evening. When you are looking for very particular models, perhaps seen in a magazine, it is better to contact the company that makes them directly and, if there is no dealer nearby, then it is better to go to a craftsman and commission your own garden lamps. tailored.

A lamppost to beautify the garden More and more often when you intend to buy garden lamps, in addition to the technical aspect, such as the lighting area and where it actually lights up, you pay attention to the aesthetics and design of this product. It is enough to note, in fact, that more and more people are approaching and preparing to buy rather tall street lamps. This choice is due not so much to the lighting they provide, but more than anything else because this product is increasingly becoming a very interesting embellishment element. In most cases, these are rather decorated lampposts that are often used to delimit the path of an avenue.

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