The need to have all the comforts available in your home also in the garden has led to the creation of kitchens that can be installed outdoors without any problem. The garden kitchen allows you to prepare both a quick snack and a lunch, as it is equipped with all the necessary accessories. We can classify garden kitchens based on the model chosen: there are more complete models and basic models on the market. Often, the garden kitchen is flanked by the barbecue. It is a structure where there are one or two burners with the grill next to it to be able to roast the meat. It is a very compact and practical model for those who do not have very large spaces, but do not want to give up the pleasure of being able to cook in the garden. It is a garden kitchen which, however, does not have a sink or a refrigerator. To take advantage of these other conveniences, you need to install a garden sink and use a small cooler. There are also other models, equipped with all the accessories typical of a real kitchen, and may or may not include a barbecue.

garden kitchen

kitchen in the gardenThe material mainly used to make garden kitchens is steel. It is a very solid material, impact resistant, easy to clean and above all suitable for the external environment. The garden kitchen can have a round or rectangular shape. In this case, the design helped to create models that could be, as well as highly functional, also aesthetically pleasing to be placed in the garden. A round-shaped kitchen, which takes up less space than a rectangular-shaped kitchen, can be placed anywhere and has a sink, a cooking area, a small countertop, a refrigerator and convenient drawers for storing. the crockery. The sink, to take up less space, can also be retractable, so that the garden kitchen, once closed, becomes very compact. Unlike what one might believe, both the appliances and the taps are chosen wisely in order to offer the same performance as a traditional kitchen. The burners are powered by gas, either through a small cylinder or by connecting the kitchen directly to the mains in the house

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They are called garden kitchens because they can be safely left outside even during the winter period, they are not damaged and require to be covered with sheets, also because having a fairly considerable weight it would not be possible to move them easily. Some models, in addition to steel, also use wood, a natural material that is treated with substances that make it impermeable to water without covering its natural veins. The combination of steel and wood is a combination that can be liked or not, it is only an aesthetic question.

Having what is necessary in the garden available to cook makes the outdoor space certainly more usable and this means that the garden itself becomes a place to be fully experienced starting from spring. The kitchen is an element that allows you to complete the outdoor furniture together with the barbecue. If you do not have a kitchen in the garden, you will only have to limit yourself to excellent grilling. The garden kitchen is an element of great practicality and comfort, as it allows you to make any dish, as well as having drinks and food that is always fresh thanks to the fridge. When choosing a garden kitchen, it must be borne in mind that it is also essential to have a space where you can work. If it is placed next to the barbecue corner, it is better not to install it too close to the dining area, to avoid unpleasant emissions of smoke. These kitchens, as well as in the garden, can also be installed on large terraces and this means that even those who do not have a green space can take advantage of the functionality of an outdoor kitchen. Before turning the kitchen back on after the winter season, it is a good idea to check that everything is in order.

These kitchens also come with a warranty and, at the time of purchase, you must check that the item is in perfect working order, otherwise you can ask for a replacement. The best-stocked garden furniture shops also sell outdoor kitchens, both in traditional models and in innovative and design models. The search for resistant materials that can also be compatible with the external environment aims to create outdoor kitchens that are perfectly integrated with the green space. The costs are related to the model of the kitchen chosen, the more functions the kitchen has, the higher the price. A kitchen equipped with every kind of comfort will make it even more pleasant to spend an evening outdoors in the company of friends.

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