Garden Journey: A Healing Garden Design in Charlotte, North Carolina | Linda Watt

💁‍♀️ My friend Nev gave me the best compliment. He told me that watching my video inspired him to create a garden as a hobby and beautiful place… and as a treatment for some of the health challenges he faced. Gardening is such a gift, isn’t it? Watch at the end he shares his struggles and how gardening helped him face them. Talk about inspirational‼ ️ What about the stone tower? Plants mentioned in this video:-Wire vine-Myrtle Pruning Garden-Nellie Stevens Hollies-Yoshino Cryptomeria-Chindo Viburnum-Emerald Arborvitae-Ligustrum-Needle Holly-Auckland Holly-Foxtail Fern-Maple-Skypoint Juniper Topiary-Azalea-Spreading Yew-Ornamental Grass-Blue Star Juniper Pruning Garden-Wintercreeper-Pansy-Elephant Ear-Hosta-River Birch-Sky Pencil Holly-Boxwood-Barberry-Lace Leaf Japanese Maple- Sunshine Ligustrum-Emory Sweetspire-Lavender-Celosia-Nandia-Calendula-Mugo Pine-Creeping Jenny-Fountain Grass-Myrtle Wax-Rose-Sapphire Cypress-Coleus Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: * Note that this description may contain affiliate links, allowing you to find the mentioned items for free and support my content. When you use the links listed above, this affiliate link allows me to make a small amount of money. You are not obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support! *.


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