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Watch what happens when kids connect with food through the experience of a garden. In Novato, California, school children not only like their vegetables but are growing food for the school cafeteria! Related PostsGarden International School Kuala Lumpur (Official)Garden International School, Eastern Seaboard, Ban ChangGarden International School MalaysiaThe ‘International’ vertical vegetable garden challenge.The English Gardening SchoolBuilding an edible school garden

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  • Trickshotgun54 Inthiratvongsy 1 year ago

    Mrs.Nosti was my kindergarten teacher. Now I'm in 4th grade and my teacher is Ms.Koyl.

  • Mario gaming 1 year ago

    Oh and those kids don't go there anymore I was in 2 grade and now I'm in 5. Grade again love that school GO SHARKS

  • Mario gaming 1 year ago

    I'm in 5th grade at olive teacher distal LOVE DAT SCHOOL

  • Theresa Brunner 1 year ago

    I go to that school