Very useful for those who have to manage large surfaces as well as for those who want to keep order in their home garden, the garden sheds can be built in different materials, have various price ranges and be present with a very wide range of models. The garden shed is ideal for placing all the tools we use when we do gardening and also offers shelter to tools that need a roof so as not to get damaged such as lawnmowers, brush cutters and chainsaws. Currently the market offers a very wide variety of models and will help its readers to choose their garden shed thanks to these in-depth sheets. Describing their characteristics, costs and structure, the garden sheds cards will give you a good overview of the different models. Usually, … continue

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    tool sheds
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    Garden sheds
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    children's house
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    wooden cottage
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    Wooden house
    Owning a garden means not only enjoying moments of relaxation, in harmony with the natural environment

continue …, when you hear about garden houses, you imagine a housing module where you can stay. Garden sheds, with the right dimensions, can also fulfill this function, but most of the time they serve as storage for objects and tools. The garden sheds are, in fact, small prefabricated wooden boxes where you can store all the accessories and tools used for gardening. Brooms, buckets, brush cutters, lawn mowers, fertilizer packs, charcoal bags, rakes, shovels and much more can be easily stored in the garden sheds. Given their usefulness, the garden houses are widely described through the cards contained in the homonymous section of Inside, many contents on different models of houses: from car garages, to tool sheds, also passing through prefabricated ones useful for human housing needs. According to their function, the garden sheds can have different sizes: they range from those of three meters by two, useful as tool holders, to those of ten by ten meters, suitable for use as a garage. And the garden sheds for residential purposes, how big are they? The answer to this question can always be found by consulting the articles in our section. The prefabricated houses are residential modules that have the same dimensions as the classic masonry ones. The minimum size of a prefabricated house for three people must be at least fifty square meters. Prefabricated houses, especially wooden ones, are quite widespread in America, while they are struggling to establish themselves in Italy. In our country, in fact, the culture of cement still dominates, even if some timid signs of the market seem to appear on the horizon. There are also do-it-yourself prefabricated houses, housing modules that can be easily assembled by yourself and on your own. These solutions are also of American origin and are struggling to spread in Italy. Some of the cards contained in our section deal with the topic of DIY houses. In Italy it is not easy for certain housing models to take hold, also because there is a very complex bureaucracy that often limits innovative investments in residential construction. In the garden houses section, there is also talk of houses for children, houses for dogs and birds and models of single houses or houses leaning against the wall. In short, the overview of the garden sheds is quite complete and detailed, we invite you to consult it to find out even more. If you have a beautiful and large garden and you want to entertain your children, all you have to do is arm yourself with patience and build a beautiful playhouse for them. You choose which material to build it with, whether in wood or plastic. You just have to have some precautions that always make sure that there are no protruding edges, they do not have slippery floors, metal inserts or other forms of danger. Also, if you really want to overdo it and build the perfect house, you can include slides, swings and a ladder. It goes without saying that garden sheds need to be large enough for your children to feel more free.

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