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Here is how I made some garden hoops out of electrical conduit using a pallet for a form. It’s a simple garden project that can be used to hold bird netting or shade cloth over your garden beds… or even be used as the base to a low tunnel greenhouse to help extend your growing season. Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for watching:) #gardenhoops #diygardenhoops #howtogardenhoops #lowtunnels #raisedbedgarden #homesteading #homesteadonomics Intro and background music sourced from my brother in law, Trey Harris and the youtube audio library. Credits are as follows: Intro: Trey Harris Background: Sleepy Jake by Silent Partner #garden hoops #raised beds #pallet project Related PostsSmall Space Gardening Ideas – Vertical Pallet, Keyhole Garden, Wicking Raised Bed10 Pallet Garden IdeasHow to Build a Raised Garden Bed. THE ULTIMATE Pallet Wood Vegetable Garden.Rustic Garden Bed Built with Pallet WoodPallet Garden Update and FAQ – How did they hold up?Vertical Herb Garden by UpCycling wood pallet. Grass to Garden with Wellness Hero


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  • hardcoremofo 7 months ago

    How do you calculate where to start to get an even base?

  • Diederich Abels 7 months ago

    I'm sure the best instructions is on woodprix website.

  • Sue Jarrard 7 months ago

    You are always crafty and resourceful. Thanks for sharing.

  • Romana Angersbach 7 months ago

    Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for Woodprix page

  • Michael Stoddard 7 months ago

    I haven't tried the hoops yet, but I've had good luck using 30% Aluminet shade cloth over my gardens pretty much year-round here in Phoenix. It's an open weave that keeps the birds out and it provides just enough shade to take the edge off in the summer without over-shading the plants in the winter. It's probably more expensive than buying both bird netting or shade cloth, but there's no hassle changing it each season.
    shade cloth store dot com

  • John Kelley 7 months ago

    That is a really neat idea!

  • muhamed faour 7 months ago

    Hey friend
    Why don't u post a video on building different types of fencing

  • Bogdan Shvetsov 7 months ago

    im sure you'll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

  • Stacey Pendley 7 months ago

    Do you have any problem with the pack Rats or the Prairie dogs getting in your garden?

  • Scottish NS Rail Fan 7 months ago

    That is very helpful, here in Scotland

  • SW Green Desert 7 months ago

    I love your videos

  • Rick Rich 7 months ago

    Hi Joe. Please help me understand. For example, if my bed was 2' wide (radius would be 1' right?), then what should the height of the arch be? Thanks in advance.

  • Rick Rich 7 months ago

    Great video! Did you need a center ridge pole for stability?

  • mike bengyak 7 months ago

    i enjoy your video's ( i dislike video's ) i am an old vet , don't see too well, deaf in one ear,
    you know the whole being old thing, your video is not a distracted camera shaking in & out
    of focus thing (great) but the voice without competing loud sound is also fine, thank you,
    PS i can use what you teach, in very small scale, it will be great fun
    old man mike bengyak

  • Romelia Polly 7 months ago

    I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

  • mika hazem 7 months ago

    LOL, the guy’s name isn’t Ted, it’s Woody Hyezmar…, search him and you’ll get his free plans online.

  • Rhiannon Angell 7 months ago

    I can make it myself. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I'm ready for do it 😀

  • Mirza Sheraz Baig 7 months ago

    beautiful irrigation systems. …thx Bro for sharing this video

  • theresbob 7 months ago

    Your spoiled now Joe with the greenhouse. Next you'll be figuring out how to enclose your outside garden with more greenhouse and then probably Aquaponics.

  • Major Greenz 7 months ago

    love all your videos 🙂