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Season 11, Episode 7 – Getting kids out in the garden can be educational and fun! Garden Home Television Host P. Allen Smith shows us how to make a fun garden ornament with kids out of a recycled bowling ball. Plus, we learn how to attract butterflies to the garden and to plant sunflowers. We also visit a poultry show where Allen is teaching kids how to care for the chickens they are raising. We’ll also visit a garden in Kentucky and watch Allen swing from the trees on a zip line in North Arkansas. — If you enjoy this video, please subscribe and leave a comment below. — Come visit Moss Mountain Farm for yourself. Purchase tickets here: Need help designing, planting, or maintaining your garden? Let P. Allen Smith & Associates make your dreams come true! Learn more: — Want more Allen? Allen’s Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: Related PostsGarden Home “Garden Fun with Kids”Insect Lore – Butterfly Garden – Part 1 – Giving the Caterpillars a new homeDesign Your Own Recycled Metal Garden Art | Gardening | Great Home Ideas450 Kids Room Decorating Ideas – Home and GardenGarden decorations ideas for kids – Home Art Design DecorationsHow to Make Wood Log Planters | At Home With P. Allen Smith

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  • Michael anthony g 3 months ago

    We got 1 of the few farms left in this town across from my house every year he sells produce and xmas trees last year he said son let me tell ya a thing about mums put a nail in the soil with your mums and theyll grow better he was right

  • Lisa Renee 3 months ago

    By the all your videos. Thank you for taking the time.

  • Lisa Renee 3 months ago

    Great idea on the bowling ball. I am going to do that this weekend with my grandkids. The one is only 4 years old but he knows his herbs and loves gardening and planting seeds of any kind. I'm goin to check out your website. All 6 my grandkids love plants. I'm happy to be a young grandma.
    My grandaughter and I made an herb garden 2 years ago. I'd love to meet you if you ever come to Pittsburgh.

  • The Green Thumb Gardening Channel 3 months ago

    Good morning to you P. Allen! Always a wonderful experience visiting your channel and watching your video uploads! Exciting and educational every time!

  • family awareness 3 months ago


  • Barb Poage 3 months ago

    Another great video! Last year my granddaughter visited my garden to take pictures of all the different butterflies for a science assignment. I hope I pass on the joy of gardening to my grandchildren. Loved the segment on the kids talking about their poultry! Wish I had room for chickens. Thanks again for reposting your shows!