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GARDEN GROVE POLICE NON-SWORN PERSONNEL POORLY TRAINED BY GGPD LIEUTENANT. I WAS DENIED A COMPLAINT FORM. NOTE; I WILL FILE A COMPLAINT ON THE LUITENANT. I KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING; HE IS CONTROLLING WHO FILES COMPLAINTS, IF YOU ARE MAD AS I, FEEL FREE TO CALL (714) 742-5704. Related PostsSanta Ana Police Dept. Followed, Stalked with no Results, FAIL!!! 1st Amend AuditRetired C.O. Sues Garden City Police Dept for violating his civil rightsGarden City MO Police Dept. Unit 7042015 Diesel garden tractor pulling Mutual fire dept. part 2.1970’s & 1980’s Spring Garden Township Fire Dept Part 2Computer Architecture – Part 1 by Prof. Sibi Shaji, Dept. of Computer Science, Garden City College

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  • sarah te 4 months ago

    FEEL FREE TO CALL (714) 742-5704.

  • Matt Brown 4 months ago

    When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes obligatory.

  • 808 BADD 4 months ago

    Link to City of this Dept. we need to call City manager, the Boss of the police.

  • Mike Snodgrass 4 months ago

    When the police become the military, the people become the enemy.