What are garden grills. All the ways in which they can be used, the materials, the costs and what is important to know to choose well and make them the best.

garden grills

garden grills The gratings are dividing systems for gardens, balconies, terraces, public and private parks, to create gazebo fences or define particular flower boxes. The purpose of the typical grid that characterizes the basic structure of the gratings is to act as a suitable wall for the development of climbing plants to exploit their potential within gardens and terraces in an orderly, functional and aesthetically pleasing way. Therefore, they perform the double function of creating real scenographies in the context of the external environments in which they are located and at the same time also act as cover and shelter. The dimensional variety of the panels that make up the texture of the gratings allows you to easily create decorative solutions adaptable to all types of spaces thanks to the combination of the various modules that can be used alone or in combination with the planters. Grid and planter in combination with each other are often found because together, in addition to being the perfect accommodation for the climbing plant, they furnish the environment with a style that can be chosen from a wide variety of proposals. The grating, in fact, may or may not have a planter and the pot intended to contain the plants, it can be arched or straight and its mesh can be a rhombus therefore diagonal, vertical or horizontal. They can, again, be smooth or with decorative comb motifs, lacquered or varnished. The most modern gratings have flat and horizontal slats or the wood of the central panel composes particular shapes such as stylized flowers and the like. They are available in standard sizes or can be made to measure and customized based on specific needs, also by adding capitals, arches, shapes or special decorative details to the base panel.

To ensure durability and resistance to atmospheric events and reduce deterioration, the gratings receive a particular autoclave treatment, an impregnating agent that gives the wood its characteristic green color and makes it particularly resistant to atmospheric agents. The best quality gratings are normally made of oiled pine wood, then painted in various colors: from green, which is the color that best blends in with the plants, to walnut and mahogany, particularly suitable for rustic environments; from rosewood to white, suitable for modern or country environments. In this way, the grating also becomes a perfect furnishing accessory. As happens, for example, in the areas surrounding the swimming pools or playgrounds where the grills are placed to enclose the area but also to protect the privacy of those who stop there. Also ideal for closing a space, supporting climbing plants in their function of shielding from the outside, they have the additional advantage of sheltering the environment they envelop from the wind and sun. The grating can essentially perform the typical functions of sunshades, windbreaks, fences and the like but it remains overall more versatile both because it can replace them but not be replaced, and from the decorative point of view thanks to its design. main of the gratings usually that of sheltering from the wind, the sun or ensuring greater privacy thanks to the wall of vegetation that will form once the creeper has grown and developed along the entire length and width of the panel. grating must be used inside a flower bed where the creeper is planted.It is important to check that the panel is fixed deep into the ground to prevent gusts of wind or heavy rain from uprooting it, also damaging the plants. sort of fence around the gazebo that isolates the internal area where table and chairs are placed and where you usually stop for meals and drinks. The climbing plant, whichever one is chosen, with its more or less dense blanket of leaves prevents from being seen, prevents the sun and wind from striking directly but still lets the light and air pass through. that of support to the plant or of separ but an exclusively architectural fact. The modular modules of various sizes in fact allow to create in outdoor environments architectures, paths or delimited environments with low impact and therefore not invasive and not at all polluting. Many gratings, in fact, can be structured as gates and dynamically perform this function.

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garden grills The cost of the gratings may depend not only on the model you purchase and on whether the panel is associated or not with a planter or garden lamps but above all on the material with which it is made. Those in wood and iron are more expensive than the new generation ones made of plastic or PVC but they are also more resistant and aesthetically more suitable to integrate into the natural environment of a garden or an outdoor area. For a classic square mesh grill, prices can start from 50 euros for a 55×180 cm grid. and up to 150 for a panel of 196x180h cm. Then of course the costs can also vary according to where the grills are purchased. In do-it-yourself centers or shopping centers the cost is generally lower than that of specialist gardening shops and it is particularly convenient to buy online. The cost of diagonal mesh gratings is slightly more expensive. On request and with a surcharge, it is also possible to treat the wood with a varnish aimed at changing the color with a color of your choice.

garden grills To save money you can do it yourself. At the various brico centers or in the gardening shops themselves, there are modular programs composed of elements for sale individually that allow you to build gratings of any size and model with absolute ease. Uprights, purlins, trusses and all other necessary elements are available in various sizes, prefixed and drilled to facilitate assembly operations with the use of only screws and the use of very few tools. It is important to always have with you before starting the assembly operations a pair of brackets, a pencil to mark the exact intersection points of the modules to be fixed and screws of different sizes and of the type most suitable for use on wood. bought rough it will be necessary to paint them with the primer before proceeding with their assembly and joining with screws or nails. Trying to paint them afterwards could be a difficult operation and it could be particularly difficult to paint the points where the wooden modules cross to form the rhombus or square. For the complete procedure of assembly, painting, measurement, cutting, choice of screws and final assembly, you can consult several websites that deal with do-it-yourself work and you can find and download complete guides to the assembly, step by step, of the gratings. .

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Garden grills – Gratings and Windbreaks

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