Garden furniture is the column that deals with all the issues related to outdoor furniture and garden furniture, but also to all the garden accessories that improve the pleasantness and livability of greenery such as swimming pools, garden and much more. Rich descriptions of the different components of outdoor furniture and garden accessories await you in the pages of this accurate section. Inside you will find not only the characteristics of the different items but also very useful information such as production materials, availability and prices of the different models and components.

In Italy the variety of styles with which houses are built is truly incredible. The heterogeneity of the landscape and the cultural richness that distinguishes our country from north to south have produced over the centuries very strong and evident building styles of houses. A house in Trentino is almost always easily recognizable from a house located in Lipari, just as a typical Aosta Valley house is very different from an Apulian house. In large urban centers this variety has obviously been reduced to a minimum, leaving room for more modern construction styles and more oriented towards optimizing space than the external beauty of the houses. However, for a true lover of the garden and garden furniture, for every home and for every style it is possible to find the right style for outdoor accessories. Among the pages of our column dedicated to garden furniture, lovers of greenery will have the opportunity to find hundreds of insights dedicated to vases, tables, chairs, outdoor accessories, garden furniture, fountains, barbecues and everything that is used for furnish and enrich your garden.

Most read articles:

  • Outdoor furniture

    Outdoor furniture
    Garden furniture is a very interesting section that offers useful descriptions of the main outdoor furnishing accessories. Thanks to this section you can get an idea of ​​the outdoor furniture available on the market …. go to the Garden Furniture section
  • Planters

    Useful review of all the main types of pots and the models of planters most commonly sold in garden centers and gardens. Vasi e Fiorirere offers interesting in-depth articles useful to guide the reader in his future choices …. go to the section Planters

  • Vases

    Check out our pot review to choose your garden pot style. Plastic vases, resin vases, terracotta vases and rotational vases are just some of the models that you can learn more about in this section of the site … go to the Vases section
  • Tables and chairs

    Tables and chairs
    Eating outdoors in summer is always pleasant but also the garden tables and chairs must be chosen trying to respect the style of the house. Browsing through our articles you will surely find some interesting models suitable for the garden of your home … go to the Tables and Chairs section

  • Swimming pools

    Swimming pools
    The swimming pool is a home accessory that greatly enhances the garden, and this section is dedicated to those who already have or want to build a swimming pool. With swimming pools you will find many articles that explore the theme of swimming pools and their maintenance. … go to the Pools section
  • Outdoor Accessories

    Outdoor Accessories
    In this section dedicated to outdoor accessories you will find curiosities and insights on useful and pleasant objects and furnishing accessories for your garden …. go to the Outdoor Accessories section

  • Barbecue

    In the section barbecue offers reviews and articles of the main models of barbecue on the market. Inside you will find useful descriptions, accompanied by technical data and very useful images …. go to the Barbecue section
  • Fountains

    Fountains are a very important element in garden decor and their choice must be appropriate to the style of the garden. Here you will find many cards relating to the most popular and best-selling models in garden centers …. go to the Fountains section

  • Gazebo

    The gazebo in the largest parks and private gardens is an element that greatly improves the livability of the garden, especially for the shelter it offers from the sun and rain. In this section you will find cards and in-depth articles …. go to the Gazebo section
  • Pergolas Garden Canopies

    Pergolas Garden Canopies
    The section where you will find proposals and advice for pergolas, canopies and garden structures. Pergole Tettoie Giardino is basically a section dedicated to those elements that complete a well-made garden and that the true connoisseur would not miss in his own home …. go to the section Pergolas Garden Canopies

  • Garden houses

    Garden houses
    In-depth section dedicated to garden houses, typically wooden houses used as a storage room, as an area to keep gardening machines and tools or as a small house for children …. go to the Garden Houses section
  • Gratings and Windbreaks

    Gratings and Windbreaks
    Gratings and windbreaks are usually used both to counteract the action of the wind, and as a dividing panel or as a fence. In this section you will find extensive descriptions of the most popular models on the market …. go to the Gratings and Windbreak section

  • Fences

    In this section of you can consult many articles that describe as many models of fences to choose the one that’s right for you. Construction materials, style and model must be chosen with care and offers you in this section an excellent overview of … go to the section Fences
  • Gates

    This section offers a wide range of gates, presented and described according to the type of model or construction material. In the article you will find main features, price and representative photos of the model in question …. go to the Gates section

  • Garden Design

    Garden Design
    By reading the garden design section you will discover the basic knowledge for the design of a garden and the fundamental information for the design of particular gardens such as hanging gardens and Italian gardens …. go to the Garden Design section
  • Garden lighting

    Garden lighting
    In a garden, lighting is essential for safety and for enjoying the space even in the evening. Choosing the right lamps, with the right style and with the right materials is of fundamental importance and garden lighting will guide the reader in the choice …. go to the Garden Lighting section

  • Garden games

    Garden games
    For the little ones, has created this section, garden games, which offers proposals and reviews of many games for children to play outdoors in the garden …. go to the Garden games section
  • Gardening

    Enter this section to find out how to create alternative gardens and what philosophy is behind the creation of the different types of gardens …. go to the Gardening section

  • Irrigation

    he section of irrigazione proposes numerous articles to deepen the knowledge on the different components of the irrigation system and discover their qualities, in order to be able to choose everything that is right for you …. go to the Irrigation section
  • Garden Furniture Questions and Answers

    Garden Furniture Questions and Answers
    Do you want some advice on how to decorate the garden of your home? Do you want an opinion on the most suitable style for your garden and on the material that would be better to use? Ask a question to the garden furniture expert and you will soon have an answer … go to the Garden Furniture Questions and Answers section

  • Outdoor floors

    Outdoor floors
    Discover many types of outdoor flooring that can be useful for creating a flooring in your home under the porch, near the entrances or in a special corner of your garden … go to the Outdoor Floors section


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