Those lucky enough to have a villa with an outdoor space, which can be a garden or a terrace, will be able to work to transform it into a warm and welcoming place. An outdoor space, furnished in the right way, can become an idyllic and pleasant place. The essential thing is to have taste and imagination, this is the only way to beautify a garden in an original way. There are many accessories that are able to enrich a garden such as: vases, gazebos, umbrellas, candles, anti-mosquito accessories, furniture, tables, chairs, garden cabinets. Just spend a little to create a small green oasis. Outdoor furniture and sofas can enrich a garden, but also rides and swings can transform your garden into a real playground, especially if you have children. To further embellish a garden, you can buy a rocking chair or a splendid wooden swing, very resistant and long lasting. What about excellent irrigation systems? It is also possible to create them DIY, such as the soaker tube system, made with a flexible tube, a cap to be applied to its circumference and an electric drill or if you want to create a simpler system, just a few simple plastic bottles and that’s it. . To make the environment comfortable, it can be enriched with a set of comfortable sofas with padded cushions, which offer maximum comfort and well-being in the seat. Garden umbrellas are also indispensable products to make the home garden welcoming and elegant. There are different types, those on a pedestal in stone or hard plastic, the classic table ones to make dinners and lunches with friends cooler. To prevent them from breaking due to strong winds, the umbrellas are made of durable, high-quality fabrics.
Garden furniture

gardenIt is possible to design a garden in several ways. The most popular for are three: the classic English garden, the Italian one and the hanging garden. For people with a romantic soul, it is advisable to create an English garden, for those who have a more rigid and precise temperament, the all-Italian garden is excellent for its detailed geometric shapes, and finally, for those who love the artificial, the ideal hanging garden. because it is built on an artificial surface. Who has a good piece of land, can undoubtedly think of enhancing it by designing a garden or simple flower beds. It is often possible to transform uncultivated land into splendid green oases. The ingredients are: creativity and good economic availability. Once the garden has been arranged, after having thought of planting beautiful plants, having installed giant lampposts and trees, gates and fences, it is possible to think about embellishing it with useful accessories.

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Garden furnitureTo have a well-kept garden it takes very little. It is necessary to follow the fundamental rules to arrange all the furnishing elements in the best possible way. If you want to organize lunches and dinners, it is advisable to purchase and arrange a large table with chairs, possibly covered by umbrellas or gazebos useful for sheltering from the evening wind. Furthermore, to eat in joy and spend a nice evening, you need to illuminate the environment, so it is good to install a good lighting system so as to have a soft light for romantic evenings. If the garden consists only of grass, it is advisable to put platforms so that when the weather is not the best, you can pass without getting all soaked. Clearly, people who have a spacious garden can afford a myriad of furnishings. Tables, chairs and sofas can fully enhance our garden. Benches and deckchairs made of granite or wrought iron are indispensable for anyone who owns a huge piece of land. Both are very resistant with the only drawback that they are often subject to maintenance. They can be placed under some beautiful plants such as a willow, a mimosa or a pine and next to them you can place splendid vases with colorful plants that liven up the environment. To give the house a refined look, you can buy garden fountains and gnomes. Every corner of the house can be filled with beautiful furnishings, all you need is a good budget, time and creativity.

GARDEN GAZEBO In many gardens, especially in large villas, a gazebo can also be found. The gazebo is an element that tends to complete the garden furniture. Practical and particular, it guarantees shelter from sudden changes in weather. There are different types of gazebos: iron, wooden or folding. The wooden gazebo is certainly the most purchased, especially if you want to reproduce a rustic and rural environment. The gazebo can also be built with PVC material. This type of material, derived from petroleum, is resistant to humidity and to various atmospheric agents. For people who have little time and above all little practicality, building a PVC gazebo is more comfortable. On the market there are different types of gazebos, c the classic formed by a square with a sloping roof, c that of circular or hexagonal shape, there are folding ones, practical to close and store, especially for those who cannot keep it constantly in the garden.

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