The garden furnishings are very important because exactly like the interior furnishings characterize the style of our home. If, when going out into the garden, instead of stacking up different types of furniture, you find yourself in front of an orderly furnishing of the open space, it would totally change the idea with respect to this environment of the house. You will have the perception, as it should be, that the garden is nothing more than an extension of the house, with different characteristics but always belonging to our living environment. Of course this does not mean that everything must be similar and without variations, but that these are better wanted and sought after. A vintage seat or lanterns hanging between the branches of the trees could be very pleasant, standing out from a unitary furniture chosen piece by piece within the same collection or similar collections. In a nutshell, even for outdoor furniture it is a good idea to stop for a moment and think about what we are looking for, perhaps reflecting while sitting on a chair in the garden that we intend to transform. The question of the material should also be debunked: plastic has been used a lot for its economy, lightness and durability. In reality, its duration is related to water resistance but the furnishings tend to get damaged and ugly in the surfaces, as well as having a design that is not really attractive. And if lightness is good for immediate movement, it is not when the wind rises or when you lean something against the back of a chair that would tend to tip over. But let’s see what the market has available in this sector.
wooden furniture

garden loungeIt’s not just garden furniture: outdoor furniture creates spaces for specific functions outside the home. Lunch or dinner outdoors, relaxation areas, solarium but also work spaces. They are in fact naturally air-lit areas so limiting the function would be reductive. Even in the short term, the open space is highly sought after: for example for family breakfast, after lunch coffee or for a short afternoon break. Wooden furniture guarantees warmth like indoor furniture and at the same time stability, durability and design. The styles with which wooden garden furniture are presented are different: traditional, with contaminations of contemporary design, with inserts in another material. Consulting any online catalog also verifies the variety of components, which go far beyond tables and chairs with tables, deck chairs, sofas, outdoor chests to hold towels or children’s games, armchairs, armchairs, footrests and so on. following. But if you really want to have everything in style, the catalogs go as far as the proposal of rocking chairs, rocking chairs, trolleys, and, from the smallest to the largest, trays and berceau. It goes without saying that everything could not be agreed without adequate flooring and therefore the proposals on the market also include special wooden flooring that work in simple interlocking support both on the veranda floor and in the middle of the lawn. With all this choice, it remains to identify which lines will be the most suitable to express our taste in furniture. The advice is to consult the online catalogs of the best-known brands – for example Pircher, Erreuno and Gervasoni – to get an idea of ​​how you would like the furniture and then possibly also search in catalogs of lesser-known brands. Wood garden furniture is also found in furniture chains that are not specialized on exteriors but with good proposals: this is the case of the well-known Ikea, Brico Center and JYSK.

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garden loungeThe most popular outdoor furniture, in search of a new conviviality in which to share your spaces with friends and family, is the dining table with chairs. The best known version of the outdoor wooden table is certainly the one with parallel slats surrounded by a square, in teak or locust wood. It starts with folding breakfast tables, also with smooth iron legs or in floral style, up to tables for large groups with extension tops that extend a normal table for four people up to six-eight guests. The chairs, in accordance with the tables, are resealable and with smooth iron legs and structure, floral but also lacquered, or with back and seat in white or colored fabric. When entirely made of wood, they are distinguished by the presence of padded cushions that make the seat as comfortable as a small armchair.

Relax Armchairs and sofas, accompanied by low tables, are ideal for relaxing breaks. Often placed under a berceau or protected by the attic of the veranda, they see the ideal location in communion with a wooden floor and with the laying of large carpets. They are filter zones, internal but external at the same time, which allow you to open your eyes to the day, perhaps still in pajamas while drinking your first good coffee. The color that continues to be all the rage is white, which goes well with the color of wood, but a digression on the choice of colors and fabrics shows great personality on the part of those who choose without wanting to conform to the dominant style. Magazine racks and wooden trays generally accompany these furnishings, but perhaps this is the time to dare with the combination of customized accessories with respect to the design of the outdoor living room. If you are insatiable you can think of the rocking chair or the real rocking chair: relaxation will be truly priceless.

pool deck chairsIn the middle of the lawn or by the pool, the deck chairs and sun loungers are always the protagonists: they are the ideal components for sunbathing, reading or why not take a nice nap. The deckchairs also allow you to converse or read comfortably, while the loungers are more for sitting than sunbathing. Also in this case the woods are generally robinia and teak, or in any case essences resistant to water and sun, with large cushions, even waterproof. The seats are adjustable, the beds can often be moved with the help of wheels to follow the sun as a photovoltaic panel does.

wood treatmentThe essences chosen for the outdoor furniture are certainly suitable for the purpose, but wood is a living material and the outdoor environments are aggressive. At the beginning and at the end of the season the furnishings must be scrupulously checked and specific products must be applied once a year for the good protection of the wood and to avoid any rust or peeling from the iron parts.

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