Those lucky enough to own a garden can indulge themselves in decorating it in different ways. Clearly, the larger the garden, the more accessories can be added. Game lovers can furnish it with large ping pong tables to brighten up the beautiful summer days by playing with friends or put comfortable plastic tables to read a good book. You can’t miss a large swing, ideal for those who want to spend sunny days outdoors and enjoy a little relaxation. On the other hand, those with children can transform their garden into a real playground by putting a slide, a small swing or an inflatable pool. And why not add an umbrella, it is useful to shelter from the heat and essential for all young people who want to study outdoors, perhaps sipping a glass of cold tea? for the elderly it is ideal to decorate the garden with comfortable sofas with cushions, so as to embellish the armchair and make the seat more comfortable. Enterprising people could also build their own garden furniture. It is essential to read up on all the materials to be used, respecting all the rules in complete safety. If, on the other hand, the space you have is reduced, you can still furnish it but without weighing it down. Solid color cabinets and sofas that recall the color of the exterior floor can provide an optical effect with an indefinite outline, creating a larger image. Both large and small spaces can be easily embellished, just a little taste and good will.

garden fountain

barbecueFountains and barbecues are always present in the gardens. As for garden fountains, there are a wide range of them and they differ in shape, size and cost. The fountains can be formed from different materials ranging from stone to ceramic to cast iron to metallic material. Undoubtedly the most common are the stone fountains, very elegant and particular. They are made by great craftsmen who work the stone taking care of the details and the design. This type of fountains can be installed in all types of gardens and the most common are those on the wall. These are placed directly on the wall, they are made of stone or marble, they can have a grounded tub and a column that is fixed to the wall. Refined and elegant are also the fountains with the shell-shaped basin.

The barbecue is also a very popular piece of furniture. Widespread in America, it is also gaining ground in Italy. The barbecue is an excellent accessory for cooking meat or fish on the grill outdoors in the company of relatives and friends. It is good to respect some fundamental rules in order not to risk getting hurt and to use it in the best way. To clean it well, wait for it to cool, then you can put the grill in water and detergent to degrease it with the help of a sponge. It is good to place the barbecue away from trees and flowers that could catch fire. If you really want to use a barbecue, it is essential to procure tools suitable for its use, such as pliers, forks, shovels, gloves, kitchen sets or sharp knife sets for cutting meat or fish.

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garden tables and chairs In a garden, chairs and tables cannot be missing. Chairs and tables can be of different materials such as iron, wood, concrete, wicker and plastic. Generally the wood used is teak, very resistant to sun and rain with the possibility of being often repainted. The wooden chairs and tables are very elegant and precious, just a pity that the wood is often subject to scratches and trauma. Another widely used material is iron. Chairs and tables can be made of wrought iron which is very expensive but gives elegance to the environment or they can be made of anodized iron, very modern with the advantage of being easily transportable. Also possible to have concrete chairs and tables. We are talking about real masonry works, which can be repainted often, but difficult to clean. Also very popular are the wicker chairs and tables made with a woven vegetable fabric that gives a feeling of exotic to the environment. By far the cheapest and most adaptable to any space are plastic furniture.

poolFor those who can afford it, the pool is undoubtedly a very convenient accessory. Having a swimming pool means relaxing and enjoying the sun from the comfort of your own home. Owning a swimming pool is challenging, it takes a lot of maintenance and care to avoid damaging it. The pools can be of many types: inflatable, land, rubber dinghy, covered in wood. Undoubtedly the most common are the soft PVC ones, easy to assemble and above all very cheap. Then there are the inflatable ones, comfortable for those who cannot keep it fixed in the garden but have to assemble and disassemble it all the time. The inflatable pool is also very simple to assemble, light and easy to put on any type of surface. And if you want something excessively elegant, the wood-paneled swimming pool is the finest there is. Undoubtedly expensive but it gives the environment a touch of class.

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