Owning a house with large outdoor spaces to live in the open air and enjoy the extraordinary spectacle of nature that awakens, which has now truly become a luxury reserved for the few.

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fountain in the gardenBut whoever is lucky enough to own a house with a garden, large or small, cannot resist the temptation to turn it into a small jewel. It is possible to customize our green space in many ways, the market offers us a lot of interesting and creative solutions to make our garden unique: gazebos, garden furniture with innovative design, stone benches, fountains. Today let’s take a look at the fountains: on the garden furniture sites, but also by investing a few hours of our time in online research, it is possible to find the solution that best suits our pockets, our taste and that best of all will help us make our home a little Versailles. But let’s see what to opt for, how to orient yourself on the market and above all how to make the right choice in line with the style of our home and our garden.

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Do we have a super romantic spirit? Is our little paradise overflowing with rose hedges, lush vines and fruit trees? Do we love being able to offer the sparrows in love the opportunity to drink in our garden? What does it for us are the marble effect resin fountains. There are many models: in the shape of a small wishing well, a bench combined with a lamppost, or the more classic, with decreasing tanks with irresistible jets and water games. These are extraordinarily refined models, completely handmade, resistant to sunlight, to the attacks of the most aggressive atmospheric agents, which guarantee durability and efficiency over the years, without disappointing those who choose them, with relatively low costs: they are in trade in figures ranging from 120 to 250 euros. Often combined with metal accessories, enriched with baroque and festive but never excessive decorations, they reproduce models of real garden fountains worthy of the most romantic appendix novels. Often this model of fountain is also enhanced by suggestive plays of light but to the advantage of practicality and safety: without requiring further electrical connections (the lights are with rechargeable batteries), in fact, it is possible to enjoy the incredible effects of the soft LEDs, which give now the mystery of the twilight, now the joy of the dawn.

bamboo fountainOur green space not only to dream of romantic escapes, but also to devote oneself to the search for oneself, to meditation, to complete relaxation. Do we have a true Zen spirit? Do we love to take care of our spirit without neglecting the body, and do we look at the world with healthy detachment from emotions? Do we daydream Buddhist pagodas and shrines? There is no need to go that far, it is possible to reconstruct a small corner of the Orient even in our garden. And of course also in this case there is the fountain suitable for our needs. There are various shapes: there is the most essential and minimalist model made entirely by hand, in natural bamboo, which moves with the flow of water. This fountain consists of a hollow tube that causes a ticking which in the oriental tradition was used to keep deer and birds away. Then there are life-size reproductions of Buddha, made of polyresins with bronze effect: completely self-functioning (some of them can even be activated with the remote control), they guarantee high resistance to atmospheric agents and accompany the sounds of our garden with their sweet and soft flow. , inviting relaxation and meditation. Always to stay in our little corner of the East, it is possible to find fountains that reproduce small mountain corners: daring compositions in resin with a rock effect that recall walks in the bamboo woods and accompany our rest with the sound of water sliding gently on the stones round. On the market they can be found at very different prices: from 50 to 300 euros.

A real revolution in terms of sustainable gardens are the fountains that are powered by sunlight. Not only do they help us to respect the environment, which is already so dear to us, but they allow for very low costs and installation times. These are fountains on several levels, often made up of colored vases that pour the water into each other with a gentle and slow movement, which does not disturb the quiet of our rest. The only precaution that you must have to position them in such a way that they absorb sunlight throughout the day so as to ensure effective and continuous operation. For those who have a small space available, there are fountains with solar brushes also for walls, less scenographic, of course, but still effective, often decorated with floral, metal, or resin marble motifs, reproducing festoons of leaves, birds in love, fruit, anthropomorphic motifs. On the market from 20 to 100 euros.

Finally, if we already have a stone tank, one of those underground, but a bit battered and we do not want to bear the cost of a renovation, what is right for us are the reproductions of cute animals, turtles, ducks, but there are also plants and water lilies always powered by solar energy. For just over 20 euros, these small solar panel floats will give a little liveliness to our old tub, gushing, moving in circles, they will brighten up our green space and also give a smile to the children of the house!

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