The fireplace is equipped with a small oven which, if desired, can also be fueled with wood, just like that of pizzerias, but its power supply is usually methane with the appropriate connection to the main pipe that feeds the home system. Outdoor fireplaces are remarkably beautiful and functional and modern technology has ensured that these elements give maximum efficiency. Their solid and sturdy structure allows you to cook pizzas, rustics, cakes and much more as well as having as an additional component, not only a plate, but also a grill, barbecue and if you want a kitchen. A very comfortable element for those who love to spend evenings full of joy and good humor, the outdoor fireplace is a panacea for those who do not want to dirty inside the house and then carry the food under the gazebo in the courtyard. The food is prepared directly in the garden and many inconveniences are avoided.

Garden fireplaces

Garden fireplace materialsThe very comfortable garden fireplace is usually made of cement conglomerate but is covered with a patina of plastic material resistant to atmospheric agents. These fireplaces do not require painting and if you want them colored, you don’t have to paint them but buy them ready-made in the color that suits you. They are in fact composed of the same material that has been mixed with coloring products. Other equally beautiful fireplaces are made of a brand new material called marmoteach. This type of fireplace is also resistant and solid and needs very little maintenance. Just a clean with a cloth soaked in degreasing liquid, and it comes back newer than before. Some manufacturing companies embellish these beautiful elements with extremely comfortable worktops because you can place the things you need for cooking on them. The tops are also solid and made of the same material as the fireplace. However, they can also be made of realstone which is an innovative material that reproduces terracotta or slate and remains unchanged over time, not at all affected by the heat of boiling pots or climatic agents. The worktop must in fact be one of those additional elements that are more solid than the other pieces but above all it must be unalterable, it must not be affected by heat sources and must not burn if you place something very hot, which often happens when cooking. Some companies for this very reason, produce fireplaces with worktops in marble grit which is a pleasant to look at and very avant-garde compound. On this level, the polychromy of the elements is greatly enhanced.

The technology in the outdoor furniture sector is working a lot and is creating increasingly innovative and beautiful objects that are enjoying important success. The more the industry produces fireplaces, the more it creates them, the more avant-garde and functional with increasingly promising and modern designs. Some fireplaces are fueled with wood just like those in pizzerias, in fact the pizza that is cooked in these ovens has the same characteristics as a pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven in a pizzeria. In addition, a cast iron drawer is placed under the oven which allows easy cleaning of ashes and small burnt wood logs. The fireplace also has an under-hood that promotes combustion and eliminates smells of burning and smoke from the wood. Equipped with elements in reinforced refractory, the fireplace allows you to have a flame that is always well lit even if it rarely lights up. In the walls of the hearth there are plates that allow heating in all parts of the oven and a cavity ensures that the cold air passes and does not cool the plates. The oven is made of stainless steel and heats up quickly using the heat of the grill and allows you to cook dishes very quickly. The wood-fired oven is entirely produced with refractory materials and is so powerful that it heats and is capable of cooking even when it is not turned on. The tailgate is also made of stainless steel and is equipped with a peephole and a thermometer. Under each oven, there are professional grills with an adjoining drip pan that collects all food residues and cooking fat. You will have the opportunity to cook without condiments and to be able to carry out a low-calorie diet. The ovens are multi-cooking in the sense that several foods can be cooked at the same time and in any case they never come into contact with extra fire or ash and have a valve for venting excess vapors. With the principle of pyrolysis, automatic cleaning is achieved. The oven is turned on at maximum temperature and all the residues of fat and food disintegrate, so it is self-cleaning. What is very important is that the ovens are eco-sustainable, that is, they respect the environment, respect the criteria of bio-solubility and in them precisely because they self-clean at such a mortar temperature, neither mold nor germs are formed.

garden fireplace When cooking and preparing dishes for friends, the oven must be fully functional so given the progress that the fireplace manufacturing industries are making, it can be said that it has almost reached absolute perfection. The functions that these ovens have are multiple and the same as high quality and class indoor ovens. They are equipped with a stainless steel flue, a timer to set the cooking time, a thermometer to adjust the heat, a peephole, a knob for adjusting the draft and internal lighting to check if the food is ready. . Some ovens have the so-called soapstone which is a metamorphic rock where you can cook in a dietetic way by placing slices of meat or fish on its surface. The stone is compact and durable and resists the highest temperatures and is also easy to clean as it is smooth due to its composition with hydrated magnesium silicate, magnesite and penninite. Technology is giving the best of itself and tries to allow in every way that those who use the garden fireplace are satisfied as well as the diners who are invited to outdoor dinners. The ovens can be located where you want, but usually they are placed near a gazebo where the guests are presumed to be seated around a table set sipping good fresh wine and waiting impatiently for the delights and delicacies freshly baked from the fireplace garden.

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