Garden design style💖👽💔 How to choose the style that suits you best

Explore different garden styles and see which one is best for you. To be a better gardener, subscribe: Share with friends: ———————– Free information: Free garden e-book: 24 1/2 garden design ideas : ———————– My Book: Garden Myths: Building Natural Ponds: Gardener’s Soil Science ———– – ———– Free resource: Garden Basics Blog-A lot of gardening information: Garden Basics Facebook Group: My Garden Mythology Blog: Building a Natural Pond Facebook Group: ——- —- ———— Recommended playlist seed germination-everything you need to know: Garden Myth: ————— Garden Design Style💖 👽💔 How to choose the most suitable design style to explore formal gardens, cottage gardens, Japanese gardens, informal gardens, natural gardens, meadow gardens. Acknowledgement list: Pictures: All slides and videos belong to or public domain pictures, except for the following: the subscription button of Shamsullah shams khan khiljee: the desert garden of Simeon87; the country garden of Jule955; the circle of Oast House archives Courtyard; British boarder by Stuart Logan; Marathon flower garden; Trillium garden by brewbooks; Big stone woodland walk by Tim Lee; Modern garden with white back wall by Garden plan Design Music: All music public domains or by Kevin McLeod:


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  • Ann-Marie King

    Just found you in my recommendations… wonderful video and I can't wait to check out your landscape design course to improve my tropical take on an English cottage garden. Greetings from Barbados.

  • Marian Russom

    Would you give a list of plants (green) for an Italian formal garden? I am thinking about trying to make one and I want to be true to what was used in them and stay accurate. Also what Elements should a correct Italian formal garden have? THANK YOU so much, I enjoyed your video. Thanks for sharing. Marian

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