Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden outside their home. Not for this reason, those who live in a condominium must give up the dream of having one. The terrace of the house is a valid alternative to the garden that allows you to transform the balcony into a green or flowery area and make the environment colorful, lively and beautiful to live. Find out how to best set up your balcony based on the space available and opt for the most suitable outdoor plants for you!

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  • furnish terrace

    terrace furniture
    A terrace generally has quite large dimensions, such as to represent a valid

  • garden on the terrace

    garden on the terrace
    To create a terrace garden, you need to have enough space to house

  • terrace design

    wisteria on the terrace
    The terraces, compared to the balconies, are generally areas large enough to allow the setting up

  • terrace design

    The layout of a terrace, compared to that of a garden, has some differences. The most

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Garden Design: project for the terrace

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