🌸Garden Design Part 3 ~ How to Design a Garden~ Y Garden🌸

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  • Lucianne DeMarco

    I am new to your channel and have subscribed. I'm so happy to have found you. You are an excellent speaker and teacher! Thank you so much for this series. Can't wait to get outside to start my design thoughts 🙂

  • Martha

    Where have you been all my life! So grateful to have found your channel. I’m so tired of spending so much money on plants year after year and then it just doesn’t work out. After so many tries I had even decided after this year I give up. I want a permanent garden plan and after so long I still can’t figure it out. If I just need more help, are you available for concept design help? New subscriber I just watched all 3 videos. Best videos on YouTube on landscape design ever.

  • A Bro

    As a mechanical designer I appreciate your attention to detail and planning. This is exactly what i was looking for as I attempt to create a low maintenence landscape. You have a knack for teaching, please keep it up!!

  • Madelen Tejada

    I found your channel recently and I’m get upset that I didn’t know about you before. It’s wonderful.. keep up the good work!

  • arfiegel

    Phenomenally helpful series! This is really going to help me figure out not only what I want overall but to make it useful as well. Thank you!

  • Cynthia Gallentine

    Yulia, You are a natural teacher! Love watching your videos! You included just the right info for the garden enthusiast!

  • Michael Luca

    Hi Yulia, was just curious, towards the end of the video you had motioned that you would continue the series with the "planting plans, materials and budget..". I don't believe we have seen a video on those just yet. Just curious to see if you still had intentions to continue the series with those topics (The planting plan is what I am REALLY interested in learning about!). Just don't want this to fall off of your radar. Otherwise I found this series very helpful and like a great book, I anticipate on bookmarking and referencing the videos in this series frequently. Really grateful for the time and effort dedicated to sharing what you have learned!!

  • Astrid Breutzman

    I really appreciate these videos! I need to take a step back and start planning and designing my gardens before rushing out to the garden centers.

  • Gail S

    I am learning so much from your videos, thank you! I did a Master Gardener program last year and it briefly touched on garden design. Your videos are a great review, solidification and expansion of my basic knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us in an easy to follow concise manner.

  • Mary Lynn Kincaid

    I finally got around to following all your steps for our garden and wanted to tell you how easy it was to follow. You did a great job explaining the process and we found it very helpful. I am really looking forward to the next steps to finalize the details. Thank you!

  • Nicole Chew

    What a wonderful series. You've broken down a complicated, intimidating process into baby steps. Thank you!

  • K4Q

    Yuliya, I only started watching you a month ago, but you have really inspired me. In this short time, I’ve used your design tips to plan out a curved flower border and I’ll be using some of the plants you’ve featured in your “hell strip”. I’ve also used your tips to make this new border no dig. Your time and effort making these videos is very much appreciated. Thank you!!

  • Vita Janceviciene

    Thank You, You are great. I adore Your videos!!! Dont have any land, but dying how i like landscape design. Do more please!

  • Cindy - DWELLINGS - The Heart of Your Home

    All 3 videos have been WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for all the time and detail you’ve put into making these for us!

  • Ann Stapp

    I just found your channel and am so excited to learn about the landscape planning. You do a great job explaining the process. Thank you.

  • Linda Sherrell

    This is so helpful. I have been a casual gardener for many years but always approached it piecemeal. A year ago I purchased a house that was in dire need of TLC both inside and out. I have been addressing the inside issues for the past year and still have quite a way to go … but I am chomping at the bit to get to the outside areas. I have some ideas but really want to make it a cohesive design incorporating all of the things I love as this is my forever home. Your series is revealing how much more planning and preparation needs to be done before I start working on my first no dig bed and the associated hardscape. Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Brent Langdon

    The lockdown has motivated me to put more effort into my (very small) yard and I have really been enjoying your videos. This series is a great resource! I love that through the entire series you never even mentioned plants, where most people start with "what should I plant here?".

    P.S. Your "Garden Design" playlist does not have the #3 video (but does have "Warm Colors Flower Bed ~ Planting Milkweed"). Videos #1 and #2 are out of order as well.

  • Michelle Patterson

    Loved your videos, thank you. You did a great job explaining everything. As I am currently studying Landscape Design, I found your videos very useful and made a lot of sense. Keep Safe.

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