To design a small and simple or large and complex garden there is no need for great knowledge and great botanical skills but only for reason, feeling for nature and a basic knowledge of botany.


To design our garden making it welcoming and at the same time beautiful and functional, it is necessary to evaluate various factors so that all the elements, put together, form a single harmonious whole, pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain. There are many characteristics that affect the final result regardless of whether it is a small city garden or a large garden in the countryside. The essential elements to consider are varied and affect the character of our garden.

Another fundamental operation is to divide the spaces according to your ideas and needs, as well as allowing you to make the most of the entire available surface. If the garden has a regular shape, a central element can be created, such as a fountain or a statue around which to create flower beds and hedges. If the shape is irregular, it is necessary to try to optimize the space by exploiting even those that are unsuitable places. A too narrow corner near the wall will certainly not be suitable for tall plants that need direct exposure to the sun but can be perfect for creating a small rose garden or rock garden. When designing a garden you should already have in mind a sketch of what will be created, because only in this way will you be able to optimize the spaces by making them uniform. You can also take inspiration from newspapers, in fact, on the market there are various types of newspapers dedicated to gardening.The choice of plants certainly plays an important role, the planting must be done correctly so that the plant can immediately adapt to the type of soil and avoid drying out; this operation can be carried out personally or you can contact a specialized company that will also be able to identify the area of ​​sun exposure most suitable for the type of plant and vegetation.

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garden design Climate and exposure: the climate is essential since it determines the species of plants that can grow inside the garden, it is advisable to avoid inserting unsuitable plants, to observe the neighboring gardens to understand what is more appropriate to cultivate, bearing in mind the rigor of the cold in winter and the intensity of the sun in summer, humidity, the strength and direction of the winds.

Soil quality: the soil is essential but may not be uniform, for this reason, before planting anything, it is necessary to clean it, and then, move the underlying clods and remove any stones. In some types of soil it is also advisable to use a fertilizer. There are several fertilizers on the market but if you want to do something natural you could use animal manure. Many farms offer small amounts of manure free of charge which can be used to fertilize the land. Irrigation: Depending on the size of the garden, a suitable irrigation system should also be built. Rock gardens with succulents are exceptional, in this case it is superfluous to create a source of water, because the plants must be watered very rarely. In other cases you can create either structures under the ground, or external sleeves that simulate the rain effect. Budget: the budget is very variable, because you must always take into consideration what you already have. If you need to create an English lawn from scratch and build an irrigation system, the costs increase considerably, especially if you rely on specialized companies, vice versa you can optimize costs with do-it-yourself, but lengthening the construction times. On average, however, it is necessary to have at least four hundred euros to budget for the purchase of small and medium-sized shrubs, flowering plants and some essential tools for cultivation.

garden designDesigning a garden yourself is not a difficult task, it is first of all important to have a passion for plants and nature, knowing their needs, to have a smattering of the works that will have to be carried out such as planting, excavation for planting. of plants, irrigation methods, etc.

However, designing a garden remains a very ambitious choice, and we must take into account the time to devote to it, which is why nowadays many people decide to turn to specialized companies in the sector. Having clear ideas in designing a garden helps, it is preferable. Before starting, create a list with all the elements you want to include in your garden taking into account the space available, in fact the size of the decorative elements is subordinate to the size of the garden itself. it is a garden and all the elements must not overhang each other. Once the fundamental structure has been created, i.e. the turf, the flooring, the hedges, the planting of flowering plants and shrubs, you can then move on to the purchase or creation of furnishing accessories such as outdoor tables and chairs, gazebo etc.

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